TVOh: Celebrating the simple joy of learning

Earlier this spring, we launched a new marketing campaign, “TVOh”, that’s really been striking a chord. The campaign has come to a close, but I’m still receiving positive feedback and wanted to share.

We’ve received great media coverage in Marketing Magazine and Strategy Magazine. And we’ve also seen a positive response on social media, with citizens describing “TVOh” as “clever,” “awesome,” and “the best TVO campaign I can remember.”

I believe the campaign is resonating because we’ve all experienced the thrill of learning something new. “TVOh’s” concept was built around the idea that wherever something worthy of learning exists, TVO is there – with our in-depth current affairs, ground-breaking documentaries, award-winning TVOKids content and innovative educational products.

The awesome expression of the simple joy of learning – mouth open with wonder, eyes alight with revelation – is exactly the moment embodied in the campaign. Our goal was to foster a deeper awareness about TVO’s commitment to learning, and grow our reputation as a leader in digital education.

You might have seen “TVOh” in and around your neighbourhood. It took the shape of video spots and animated posters at the movies; ads in transit shelters, on the TTC and GO Transit; giant billboards; and digital advertising on websites. And of course, it appeared on TVO’s own broadcast, online and social media channels.

We’re excited that Ontarians had such a positive response to this campaign. It speaks to the experience we’ve all had of learning something new, and to the amazing things happening at TVO that are worthy of inspiring “Ohs”.

At TVO, everything starts with our belief that learning has the power to change the world. As you hear in the campaign’s video spots, “Wherever there is ‘oh,’ there’s TVO.” I couldn’t agree more.