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Through high-quality programming, learning resources and digital content, TVO supports the critical thinking and creative skills needed for a 21st century workforce.

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Ontario's largest online high school and the best way to earn course credits or a secondary school diploma in your spare time. Our flexible model supports all learning journeys.

TVO Learn

Online learning hub with free resources for Kindergarten to Grade 12. All content is created or curated by Ontario educators and aligns with provincial curriculum.

TVO Learn mPower

Award-winning online hub for Kindergarten to Grade 6. Play fun STEM games that align with the Ontario curriculum. Educator tools available for in-class gameplay.

TVO Arts

Immersive online initiative that demystifies iconic Canadian artworks. Explainer videos, study guides and step-by-step resources showcase the power of creativity.

TVO Today Live  

Captivating on-stage discussions and debates about the future of democracy. Live events take place across the province, featuring prominent leaders and thinkers.

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