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Community partnerships


Help create lasting connections

Local groups and community leaders make a significant impact by nurturing on-the-ground relationships. TVO supports these efforts through partnerships that feature enriching content related to local issues.

Enhance your community connections 

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Spark new possibilities

Enhance access to learning

Support deeper community engagement

Partnership benefits 

We energize communities

We energize communities

TVO delivers a province-wide spotlight to community building efforts. This helps drive attention to important causes and invites deeper local participation.

We support access to resources

TVO's institutional relationships and expertise result in successful collaborations that make a difference. We ensure communities can enjoy lasting benefits.

lasting benefits.
shared resources

We amplify impact

Our community partners benefit from shared resources that help sustain success. Working together creates new opportunities for enriching communities.

 Priority audiences

Our priority audiences

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Remote/rural Ontarians
  • The LGBTQ2S+ community
  • Racialized groups
  • Newcomers and New Canadians
  • Economically disadvantaged communities

We embrace the tremendous responsibility of serving all Ontarians. The voices we amplify and the stories we tell are intended to extend our reach and impact in six priority audiences

Strengthening bonds

TVO focuses on enriching communities because they are the social backbone of Ontario. Our province needs relationships that can endure over generations and sustain lasting change. We turn to our community partners for ideas and leadership that can make our work more impactful. These collaborations are crucial for meeting the learning needs of Ontarians.”

Jeffrey Orridge

TVO Chief Executive Officer

Quality content that inspires curiosity 

We provide Ontarians with award-winning journalism, documentaries, learning resources and children's entertainment.


We equip Ontarians with trustworthy insights and innovative ideas through our content and programming.


We offer learning and accreditation opportunities to inspire the curiosity and ambitions of Ontarians.


We believe in connecting communities through experiences that build stronger and more resilient citizens.

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