Building opportunities to learn

TVO Media Education Group creates world-class learning experiences for Ontario.

Education is essential to the wellbeing and prosperity of Ontarians

TVO eases barriers to learning through quality, curriculum-aligned resources. Our content is engaging, accessible and reflective of a diverse range of experiences.

You play a crucial role in our work. Support TVO and take part in a thriving culture of excellence and inclusivity.

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Over 80 educational programs and 130+ interactive games, all aligned with the Ontario curriculum

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1.56 million online viewers

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 Over 21,000 learners in Canada's largest publicly funded online secondary school

Achieving our mission through partnerships 

We provide Ontarians with quality journalism, documentaries, learning resources and children's entertainment.


We equip Ontarians with trustworthy insights and innovative ideas through our content and programming.


We offer learning and accreditation opportunities to inspire the curiosity and ambitions of Ontarians.


We believe in connecting communities through experiences that build stronger and more resilient citizens.

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