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Did you know that one of the most impactful ways you can support TVO is through a gift in your will? It’s a gift that leaves a legacy for years to come, setting TVO up for continued success.

Leaving a gift in your will is easy. After you take care of your loved ones, it is our hope that you will consider starting a legacy of learning by leaving a gift to TVO. Speak with your family, friends, and lawyer to determine if this is the right decision for you.   

Should you choose to remember TVO in your will, you’ll be recognized as part of The Honourable William G. Davis Legacy of Learning Circle, named in honour of our late founder who believed in TVO like no other.

There are many approaches to remembering TVO in your will and we are here to help you along the way:

Grandparent and grandson

A bequest

A bequest is a direction in your will that instructs your executor(s)/trustee(s) to leave one or more of your assets to a charitable organization(s).

Life insurance

Paying modest premiums now can create significant value in the future. By donating a new or existing policy, you can derive tax benefits during your lifetime. If you name TVO as the beneficiary of a policy you own, after your passing, your estate can realize the associated tax benefits.


By naming TVO as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, you will be making a generous gift and offsetting the tax that would otherwise be payable on these assets by your estate.

Charitable remainder trusts

Charitable remainder trusts let you give assets today through an irrevocable trust and obtain immediate tax savings while providing you with a life income from the earnings on the assets. When the gift is made, you receive a charitable tax receipt for the present value of the gift that you may use in the year of the gift or carry forward for up to five years. When you pass, the capital is transferred to TVO.

Choosing who to include in your will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If providing powerful, free and inspiring educational content to all of Ontario is important to you, please consider remembering TVO.

Donors who leave a planned gift to TVO will be recognized in The Hon. William G. Davis Legacy of Learning Circle. Members of this circle will be recognized in TVO's Annual Report, online at tvo.org, and in other communication materials.

TVO's legal name: The Ontario Educational Communications Authority

Charitable Registration Number: #85985 0232 RR0001 

When you plan for the future, we hope you’ll think of TVO. Thank you for your consideration.

TVO has partnered with Epilogue, an online service that guides you through the process of creating your will. Please feel free to visit their site for more information on how to leave a charitable gift in your will.

For more information on leaving gifts through insurance or investment policies, connect with your personal financial advisor or feel free to connect with Mark Halpern, a trusted resource in the industry and a resource of information for TVO.

Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP, MFA-P

Certified Financial Planner, Trust & Estate Practitioner, Master Financial Advisor-Philanthropy

Philanthropy & Sponsorship  

905.475.1313 x1  


For more information on leaving TVO a gift in your will, please contact:

Sue Sheridan


Philanthropy & Sponsorship  

1.800.613.0513 x3639  


The Honourable William G. Davis Legacy of Learning Circle

Portrait of Bill Davis
  • The Estate of Barbara M. Adams
  • The Estate of John Alexander
  • The Estate of Louise Lawrie Arnott
  • The Estate of Janet Basmadjian
  • The Estate of Edna Beange
  • The Estate of Roy Beckstead
  • The Estate of Florence Margaret Bendig
  • The Estate of Myrtle Collyne Blair
  • The Estate of Ruth Bolt
  • The Estate of Nita Bradley
  • The Estate of Ian Alfred Brookes
  • The Estate of Alexandra Brody
  • The Estate of Katherine Bruechle
  • The Estate of Peter Burke
  • The Estate of Patricia Burnett
  • The Estate of Jack H. Carr
  • The Estate of Anna Dorothy Clapp
  • The Estate of James A. Colquhoun
  • The Hugh James Corcoran Memorial Trust Fund
  • The Estate of Brian H. Cousins
  • The Estate of Doreen Curry
  • The Estate of Carl Durst
  • The Estate of Frances Eastman
  • The Estate of Patricia C. Ellison
  • The Estate of Colin J. Everett
  • The Estate of Constance Fetchison
  • The Estate of John Miles Fincham
  • The Estate of Barbara Ford
  • The Estate of Stanley Gold
  • The Estate of Verna Blanche Grant
  • The Estate of Henrietta Green
  • The Estate of Hazel Guignard
  • Norman & Helen Hain
  • The Estate of William Harkins
  • The Estate of George T. Harrap
  • The Estate of Walda Janson
  • The Estate of Rose Ila Jaques
  • The Estate of Lynette Daphne Jones
  • The Estate of Ann Louisa Kalmisto
  • The Estate of Margaret Joan Kennedy
  • The Estate of Margaret Kinghorn
  • The Estate of Joseph Koenig
  • The Estate of Thomas Gerald Lak
  • In memory of John and Dorothy Martin
  • The Estate of Constance Vivian MacDougall
  • The Estate of Kenneth Angus MacKenzie
  • The Estate of Rosalie K. Mccreadie
  • The Estate of Cora Maria Moore
  • The Estate of Donald Bruce Morrison
  • The Estate of Ernest Munroe
  • The Estate of Yvonne Natalie Ogg
  • The Estate of Arthur I. Parker
  • The Estate of Frank Peers
  • The Estate of Margaret Phillips
  • The Estate of Emily M. Pinfold
  • The Estate of Winifred Potter
  • The Estate of Donald Williamson Pounder
  • The Estate of Dora Powell
  • The Estate of Ria Pulles
  • The Estate of Cynthia Mary Robertson
  • The Estate of Pnina Deborah Rosenberg
  • The Estate of Paula Roth
  • The Estate of Margaret Sampson
  • The Estate of Sidney Samuel
  • The Estate of Ralph Scotten
  • The Estate of Marilyn Silverman
  • The Estate of Sharon Lynn Thibodeau
  • The Estate of Elizabeth Jane Thomas
  • The Estate of Roy Edwin Waters
  • The Estate of John Gilbert West
  • The Estate of John Henry Wiens
  • The Estate of Alvira Irene Wigle
  • The Estate of Robert Willmott
  • The Estate of Kenneth Albert Wiltshire
  • The Estate of Marion Wolstein
  • The Estate of Mitchell Wywiorski
  • Anonymous (8)
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