Announced in January 2017, TVO received a $2 million donation from Goldie Feldman and the Barry and Laurie Green Charitable Trust to develop a new network of local hubs, expanding TVO’s unique model of in-depth journalism in underserved regions throughout Ontario.

In addition to Thunder Bay, TVO will create three other hubs in the coming months, which together will increase the overall presence of Ontario issues, ideas and events on TVO’s website and on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. The initiative will also establish new partnerships with colleges and universities, creating internship opportunities for students.

“This is an enormously important step for ensuring journalism’s vital contribution to a healthy, vibrant democracy,” said John Ferri, TVO’s Vice President of Current Affairs and Documentaries. “TVO is proud to be building on our strengths and adding a new dimension to journalism in Ontario, strengthening our commitment to educating and enhancing public and civil discourse.”