TVO-Commissioned Documentary Wins Top Award at Hot Docs Festival

I am incredibly proud to share that the TVO-commissioned documentary, Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Inside the Brockville Pysch has won the Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award at this year’s Hot Docs film festival.

The film features the complexities of mental health as it asks: what happens to those who suffer from mental illness and commit violent crimes? Emmy-award winning filmmaker, John Kastner was given unprecedented access to the Brockville Mental Health Centre. The film reveals the stories of patients who are struggling to gain control over their lives.

It’s no surprise to read critical acclaim and praise including this from TV reviewer, James Bawden: “Out Of Mind challenges us to invest a lot of our time and emotions with the knowledge there are no easy answers. But the rewards are certainly plentiful –TV for the adult mind, certainly a rarity these days.”

I hope that you’ll watch the world broadcast premiere of this important doc on TVO on Wednesday, May 7 at 9 pm.