TVO and TVOkids Recognized with 35 Canadian Screen Award Nominations!

We are excited to share that TVO productions and co-productions were recognized by The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television with 35 Canadian Screen Award nominations for 2019.

The nominations demonstrate TVO’s ongoing commitment to igniting potential through in-depth current affairs, thought-provoking documentaries, quality children’s programs, and impactful digital learning resources.

TVO current affairs and documentaries received 13 nominations, including three in the important category of Best Factual Series:

  • Political Blind Date (a TVO Original Series whose second season premiers on February 14th),
  • Employable Me, in partnership with AMI , and
  • First Contact, in partnership with APTN.

Steve Paikin, host of The Agenda with Steve Paikin, was nominated for the second year in a row as Best Host or Interviewer in a News or Information Program or Series.

Other current affairs and documentary nominations include:

  • TVO Original The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution for the prestigious Donald Brittain Award,
  • TVO Original The Fruit Machine for Best Documentary Program,
  • TVO Original The Life-Sized City for the Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research, and
  • TVO Original Undercover Jihadi for Best Writing in a Documentary.

TVOkids programs received a record 22 nominations, including nominations in all five main categories for Children & Youth including:

  • Best Preschool Series: Dino Dana,
  • Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Series: Odd Squad,
  • Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Series: Finding Stuff Out, When I Grow Up, and Science Max,
  • Best Animated Program or Series: Paw Patrol, and
  • Best Cross-Platform Project for Children’s or Youth Series:  Dino Dana Digital and Finding Stuff Out Online

Dino Dana, Finding Stuff Out, Paw Patrol, Odd Squad, and Science Max were also nominated for numerous craft categories for Children & Youth.

Finally, in the Digital Media category, It Was Me (A Better Man Interactive) received the Best Original Interactive Production nomination.

TVO is proud to be part of such high quality programming.  We congratulate all nominees, and thank our production partners for an outstanding year.

The nominated programs can be streamed anytime on or