The Power of Digital Education – Inside and Outside of the Classroom

As we gear up for another back-to-school season, a new generation of learners enters the classroom. And as I reflect on today’s student experience, I am struck by the changes that the digital era ushers in – and the promise of what this means to TVO as an educational media organization.

I see how digital technology captivates young learners. I think of how my young “Millennial” nephews interact with technology – and how they gravitate to my iPad when they visit. I see how digital media grabs their attention, and how it allows them to engage and solve problems in new and exciting ways.

Digital facilitates a new kind of learning—learning that is driven by the learner. Inside the classroom and out, the powerful intersection of technology and education is poised to transform how kids (and adults) learn.

As part of our digital strategy, TVOKids delivers learning experiences on every screen. This fall, we’re launching new multiplatform content to help kids develop the literacy skills they need for success in school, and inspire a love of learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. I think that young learners are going to love the new series, Zerby Derby featuring talking live-action cars, and the new Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures. Both new programs offer complementary online games that are sure to encourage kids to test problem-solving skills, while having fun!

Digital is a huge driver of innovation here at TVO. As we continue on our mission to make Ontarians smarter, more aware and more informed, the increased role of technology in education will position TVO, and all Ontarians, for even greater success.