TVO Arts collage of art works

New TVO Arts decodes iconic Canadian artworks in a dynamic online experience

Launching Thursday, January 27, 2022, connects all Canadians with art through impactful short videos, interactive experiences, and downloadable educator guides

How much do we know about Canada’s iconic artworks? Introducing the most relatable aspects of art to our everyday lives, TVO Arts ( is launching January 27, 2022, inviting all Canadians to experience art through the lens of today’s world. The project reframes our understanding of art through animated “explainer”-style videos, engaging articles, interactive experiences, and educator guides that reflect the Ontario curriculum to support art interpretation. The videos are also available for standalone viewing on the TVO YouTube channel.

“When times are tough, art tends to slide down our list of priorities, but we should strive for the opposite approach,” says John Ferri, VP of Programming and Content at TVO. “Art educates and inspires—especially when it’s made from and about our unique place in the world. We need that a lot right now given the pandemic and everything taking place around us. That’s why we are so excited to introduce TVO Arts as a source of inspiration and reflection, and we will continue to build on this offering.”

TVO Arts shows that art doesn’t have to be intimidating and that looking at art can improve your life. With this in mind, everyone can venture deeper into each piece through revealing insights that foster understanding and inspire connection to each other and the world around. Firmly rooted in the diversity of the Canadian experience, initial TVO Arts featured artworks are:

Educators and community facilitators are also invited to download supporting PDF educator guides to support classroom and group exploration or discussion. These guides complement instruction in subjects like visual arts, media arts, Indigenous studies, history, geography and more. They offer the opportunity for deeper reflection and applied critical thinking.

This project was developed by TVO in association with Friends & Enemies. Natasha Negrea is the executive producer. Catherine Hernandez is the narrator. Special thanks to the AGO and LIST for their participation in this project.

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