Policies & Standards

TVOkids submission guidelines

TVO's TVOkids is a trusted brand known for quality programming for kids that includes diverse representation, educational alignment that makes kids laugh while they learn. TVOkids content is accessible 24/7, on broadcast from 6am-7pm seven days a week; on TVOkids.com and TVOkids YouTube channels anytime, anywhere. With programs chosen to support the thinking, social and emotional development of young learners, TVOkids is the place where parents can trust their 2 to 8-year-olds are in good hands.

TVOkids makes learning fun and exciting. On top of language and literacy development, anyone watching TVOkids can also expect to learn about:

  • Numeracy/math
  • Science (observation, classification, inquiry, core concepts, executive function)
  • Movement, music and the arts
  • Personal development (empathy, tolerance, coping skills, self-expression)
  • Problem solving and critical thinking 21st century pedagogy
  • Healthy lifestyles

TVOkids accepts development proposals (TV and Digital Media) all year long with a production cycle beginning in April coordinating with TVO's fiscal calendar as well as allowing CMF funds to be attached to both development and series productions as CMF envelope allows.

What we look for when commissioning co-productions

Beyond entertainment, we look for programs with age-appropriate learning objectives linked directly to Ontario primary grade curriculum that are key to the series concept and storylines. Producers require input from an educational advisor at all stages of production to ensure those learning goals are realized in the research, writing or design of the series. Producers are also encouraged to develop digital media components to be used on multiple screens to extend the experience of the series online. Our programming includes different forms of animation (2D and 3D), live action, drama and magazine formats. We will co-produce content of various durations including 5, 7, 11, and 22 minutes as well as "Shorts" duration 1-3 minutes.

For examples of co-produced programming, visit tvokids.com TVOkids.com (opens in new window) or TVOkids YouTube channel VOkids YouTube channel  (opens in new window).

Checklist for submissions:

  • Project bible
  • Episode outlines and/or springboard
  • Sample script (as available)
  • Financing plan Resumes of key creative personnel
  • Animation sample, demo or pilot (as available)

Note: Producers looking to access TVOkid's CMF envelope for children's series must also propose a Digital Media component that qualifies under the CMF's "rich and substantial" or "value added" guidelines.

Allow up to eight weeks for a response.