Content Submission Guidelines

Short form digital video and podcasts

Digital Video

TVO occasionally works with independent journalists and producers to create digital video content. 

Main priorities of digital social video include:

  • Follows best practices for the platform intended, such as YouTube;
  • Highly visual and shareable content;
  • Preference given to digital videos series;
  • Follows journalistic practices of fairness and factual accuracy.

To pitch a short digital video idea briefly outline your idea focusing on why your story idea will engage an audience. Include a budget and timeline.


TVO will consider select podcast proposals. We are looking for inspired concepts and engaging content that is smart, emotional and inclusive.

What is your podcast idea and how does it leverage the strengths of audio storytelling?

If your podcast already exists, what would you like to gain from a partnership with TVO?

To send a proposal, write an outline that considers the following:

  • What is your idea? Give us a short, strong statement on what it’s all about.
  • What is the genre?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your proposed structure?
  • What is your timeline and budget?

Examples include:

Submissions for short form video and podcasts can be emailed to:

Laurie Few

Executive Producer, Digital