Content Submission Guidelines

Diversity policy for filmmakers

TVO is expanding its commitment to represent the ethnicities, identities and abilities that reflect the diversity of Ontario. The stories of underrepresented groups, such as the Black and Indigenous communities, people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+ and the disabled, must be encouraged. The diverse perspective of those stories, and all stories, must be supported to truly reflect the voices of the society in which we live.


Starting in 2022, over a three-year period, 50% of TVO Original titles will require:

  • A diverse production company leading the project. A diverse company is defined as being 51% owned and operated by a member of an underrepresented category.
  • A non-diverse production company whose key creative is 30% diverse. The eligible key creative are producer, director, writer, editor, DOP, audio, composer, host.
  • If a diverse production company or 30% key creative cannot be achieved the production company will provide a paid mentorship attached to a key creative role. 



  • 50% of development funding in 2022 will specifically support projects by diverse production companies.


  • 50% of acquisitions will be diverse-themed and/or have a diverse host/presenter.
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