Policies & Standards

TVO on-air sponsorship guidelines

Sponsorship recognition accompanying the programs will be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. All sponsorship partners may receive appropriate on-air recognition with the exception of tobacco companies.
  2. On-air recognition may take place before and/or after a program; not during a program.
  3. Subject to the restrictions below, sponsorship partners may be recognized in audio and video by their name, logo, product, including a 15 and 30 second brand commercial message and with text appropriate to help identify them. Thirty second messages will be packaged within the context of opening and closing billboards and will be appropriate to TVO and the intended audience.

Recognition everywhere but in the children's blocks may:

  • Identify business locations
  • Contain telephone numbers
  • Contain website addresses
  • Include products, brand names, service marks and logos
  • Show a product or service in use

Recognition in the children's blocks may:

  • Be a corporate logo or name (not a product/service logo or brand name)
  • Not include any audio (including voice over)

No recognition may include:

  • Price
  • Calls to action
  • Inducements to buy
  • Comparative claims
  • Endorsements

Sponsorship recognition will be presented in periods of up to 30 seconds each, with sponsorship limited to two minutes per hour.

Reviewed: December 7, 2017