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TVO event release

I acknowledge and agree that, in consideration for my participation in the TVO Event I attended (the 'TVO Event'), including any Children of mine or whom I am a guardian or whom were in my care for the Event (the 'Children'), and other good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by me, I hereby grant to the Ontario Educational Communications Authority ('TVO') and any of its licensees, successors and assigns the right to record on any medium, me and my name, voice, conversation and sounds, image, likeness, and those of the Children (collectively, our 'Likeness'), and grant also the unlimited non-exclusive right to broadcast, reproduce, repurpose, distribute, including over the internet or mobile devices, or otherwise use, and grant others the non-exclusive right to do the same, our Likeness in any form or format, worldwide in perpetuity.

I hereby waive, including on behalf of any Children: a) all moral rights I may have in and to the TVO Event; b) my right to object to any use of the TVO Event or Likeness as permitted herein, including any such use that constitutes an invasion of privacy or otherwise violates any right which I may have in connection with the TVO Event or Likeness; c) my right to bring and prosecute an action for defamation, invasion of privacy, or any similar action; and d) any right of inspection or approval of TVO's authorized use of my Likeness.

I warrant that, including on behalf of any Children: a) I have the sole and unfettered right to grant the rights herein granted to TVO; b) the above rights and their use will not infringe any intellectual property right or right of privacy or similar right of any person, and I hereby release TVO and its licensees from all claims and demands arising from the above, except those arising from TVO or its licensees' negligence; and c) that no payments are due or will arise to third parties for which TVO shall be liable to account for upon use of the Likeness. I agree to indemnify TVO, its agents, employees, officers, directors, licensees and assigns from all claims arising from the breach of the above warranty.

As this TVO Event Release is constantly evolving, check back periodically as this TVO Event Release may change from time to time.

Next Review Date: December 1, 2023