Policies & Standards

Our promise to our viewers, users and contributors

We promise accuracy

We will be consistently diligent in our efforts to get the facts right and put them into context. We will test our sources for first-hand knowledge and reliability. We will use language that is precise and accessible. We will edit material so that it is a faithful representation of the full version. We will not manipulate images in a way that erodes the reality of the original. We will encourage our viewers and users to draw our attention to factual errors and we have a clear process for questions and complaints. If we make a mistake, we will correct it promptly and publicly, without defensiveness. We will attach the correction to the original material.

We promise fairness

We will make our journalistic choices with a rigorous concern for fairness. We will do so by presenting a wide variety of topics and perspectives. We will ask a wide variety of people to contribute and to give opinions. We will be sensitive to cultural diversity. We will introduce our contributors fully to allow the audience to evaluate their information. We will welcome bold and unconventional views and opinions, as we will value considered and thoughtful contributions. The more controversial and current the subject matter, the more we will endeavour to present all significant points of view, either in a single program or over a short time period. In doing so, we will not confuse fairness with mathematical balance. We will combine journalistic skepticism with open-mindedness. We will neither over-simplify or over-complicate issues.

We promise transparency and ethical conduct

We will be open about our journalistic decision-making on all our platforms. We will publish regular material about how we gather and disseminate information, especially on sensitive and controversial subjects. We will ask our viewers and users to give advice and comment on our processes. We set high standards for commissioning independent documentaries. If we ask you to contribute to our content, online or on air, we will clearly and fully tell you the subject matter we will discuss and our expectations of your contribution.

We promise comment forums that are engaged and civil

We value good conversation, lively interchange, respect, intelligence, facts and evidence. We encourage strong debate, different perspectives, offbeat views and a sense of humour. We will not tolerate cruelty, hatred, harassment, libel or obscenity. We do not pre-moderate, but any such comments will be removed. TVO journalists will comment when we are asked or have something to add, but we will not dominate and our tone will be conversational. We will provide links and retweets on social media, but these will not be endorsements by TVO of the material

We promise independence

TVO's journalistic decisions will be made to contribute to citizen engagement and in the public interest only. We will not favour funders, donors, sponsors, political or special interest groups or powerful individuals.