Who We Are

Diversity, equity, inclusion & anti-oppression statement

TVO is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and recognizes the importance of using anti-oppression practices, both within our organization and in the communities we serve. 

As a public agency, a media and digital learning organization, we have a responsibility to the people of Ontario to speak out against injustice. We recognize that discrimination and oppression are ongoing issues in the workplace, in media, and in education. We must continually interrogate our biases, assumptions, and privileges and will actively work to dismantle systemic and institutional discrimination in the workplace and the community at large. 

1.0 Content

We strive to tell diverse stories, and to have all Ontarians see themselves in the stories we tell and in the content we produce. We recognize that educational and media organizations sometimes push forward biased narratives and stereotypes, including TVO. We are committed to being increasingly discerning about the images, content and learning resources we provide to the people of Ontario; and to ensuring they align with our belief in and commitment to dismantling unjust systems.  

2.0 Workplace culture

TVO is committed to creating an equitable workplace with a culture of inclusion in which every employee feels welcome, valued, respected and included, with no barriers or limitations to where they can contribute and what they can achieve.    

3.0 Workforce

At TVO, we believe in creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of the Ontarians we serve through equity in attracting, hiring, promoting and leadership opportunities for all employees and the full talent pool of Ontarians. We are continually reviewing our policies and our actions to identify discriminatory practices so that we can take immediate action to address them.   

We recognize that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion needs to be consistent and ongoing. We will continue to look inwards to identify our own shortcomings. We recognize that we may not always get it right; knowing this, we embrace the ongoing work of course correcting and moving forward. We must do everything in our power to both learn and unlearn.