Accessibility plan (2015 Update)

Policies and procedures

  • Create Policy with Statement of Organizational Commitment in written form and make available to the public
    Update: Completed and posted on-line
  • Available in Alternative Formats - upon request
    Update: Available upon request

Legislated Date: 2013

Accessibility plan - multi-year

  • Accessibility Plan in consultation with persons with disabilities and AAC (Accessibility Advisory Committee) if established
    Update: On-going
  • Accessibility Plans with annual updates - Post to website
    Update: Updated for 2015 and posted on line
  • Provide in alternative format upon request (Available upon request)
    Update: Available upon request
  • Review every 5 years
    Update: To be reviewed in 2017

Legislated Date: 2013

Procuring or acquiring goods or services

Include accessibility design, criteria and features in procurement processes.

Update: On-going ' Procurement processes reflect accessibility obligations.

Legislated Date: 2013


Provide training on the requirements of the accessibility standards and on the Human Rights Code as it pertains to persons with disabilities to all employees & volunteers, policy developers, those providing goods or services on behalf of organization.

Update: Training completed. New employees complete the training as part of TVO's onboarding process.

Legislated Date: 2014

Emergency procedure/plans

Make available to public.

Update: Completed

Legislated Date: 2012

Feedback process

  • Develop feedback processes for persons raising concerns regarding accessibility (Feedback process developed and posted on-line.)
    Update: Completed
  • Provide in accessible format upon request
    Update: To be provided upon request.

Legislated Date: 2014

Accessible formats and communication supports upon request

Update: Statement included on our feedback form and on website that feedback processes are provided in accessible formats and with communication support upon requests

Legislated Date: 2015

Accessible websites

  • All new websites and new web content going through a significant change; WCAG 2.0 Level A (other than closed captions, live, pre-recorded audio) (Legislated Date: 2014)
    Update: On-going - Content developers and contributors continue to receive Web Accessibility training to ensure new websites and content continue to be accessible. Refresh has been completed with WCAG 2.0 guidelines considered. Audit and testing will be underway shortly. will also be AODA compliant with the refresh. Creating Closed Captioning and Media Alternative Text Descriptions for all videos migrated or newly posted to new sites as required.  Where Audio Description (Described Video) is available it is offered on the new websites.
  • All websites and web content WCAG 2.0 Level AA -other than criteria 1.2.4 (live captions) and 1.2.5 (pre-recorded audio descriptions)(Legislated Date: 2021)
    Update: Anticipate continuing to offer Media Alternative Text Description for videos, where Audio Description (Described Video) is not available, as per the exception to WCAG 2.0 Level AA 1.2.5 (pre-recorded audio descriptions). 
  • Provide educational resources or materials in accessible format (if notification of need is given) (Legislated Date: 2021)
    Update: Ongoing - Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and special accommodations for GED Testing.
  • Provide student records and information on program requirements in accessible format (if notification of need is given) (Legislated Date: 2013)
    Update: Provided upon request
  • Train educators on accessibility awareness related to accessible program or course delivery and instruction (Legislated Date: 2013)
    Update: ILC educators have been trained on AODA and continue to receive on-going AODA training. Homework Help Tutors undergo yearly AODA training.

Employment standards

  • Workplace Emergency Response Process (Legislated Date: 2012)
    Update: Completed
  • Recruitment - notify employees and public regarding availability of accommodation
    Update: Completed
  • Notify applicant - availability of accommodation upon request for assessments or selection process
    Update: Statements regarding availability of accommodation have been included on all applicable documents throughout the hiring process
  • Inform employees of policies regarding job accommodations
    Update: TVO Staffing policy, website, job postings and offer letters contain job accommodation information.
  • Accessible formats and communication supports available to perform job
    Update: Provided upon request
  • Written process for development of Documented Individual Accessibility Plans
    Update: Talent & Engagement works with line management and employee to determine and document Individual Accessibility Plans
  • Have a Return to Work Process
    Update: Return to Work Process documented and posted. Talent & Engagement works with disability management provider, line management and employee to determine and document appropriate return to work and accommodation requirements for individuals.
  • Performance Management takes into account accessibility needs
    Update: On-going
  • Career Development and Advancement Process takes into account accessibility needs
    Update: On-going
  • Redeployment process takes into account accessibility needs
    Update: On-going
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