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TVOkids Original Leo’s Pollinators invites kids to celebrate crucial creatures

New science adventure series for school-aged children premieres Earth Day (April 22, 2022)

Explore the exciting world of pollinators with TVOkids Original Leo’s Pollinators starting today (Friday, April 22, 2022) on TVOkids, TVOkids.com, YouTube and smart TV services like Roku and Apple TV. This new outdoor science adventure series encourages children in Grades 2 to 6 to engage with the environment and learn more about the role pollinators play in our food systems.

“The whole family will find Leo’s Pollinators fascinating because of how it reveals the critical inner workings of complex ecosystems we rely on every day,” says John Ferri, VP of Programming and Content at TVO. “The series connects with kids on their level and introduces an appreciation for the many natural wonders around them.”

Co-developed with Fifth Ground Entertainment, this season follows the success of a previous TVOkids collaboration in Leo’s FishHeads. Over 26 11-minute episodes, TVOkids Original Leo’s Pollinators showcases pollinating creatures like the African fruit bat, honeybees, flying squirrels and lemurs. Young hosts Chloe (11) and Housten (8) venture out in the field with experts who help them understand the incredible contributions of these tiny pollinators.

“One of the most exciting parts of this series was working alongside the scientists and experts,” says producer Raj Panikkar. “They really were the secret sauce for the show. And instead of telling kids, ‘This is what this kind of scientist does,’ we showed them—all while delivering a thrilling adventure.”

TVOkids Original Leo’s Pollinators spotlights organizations like the University of Guelph, Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority, Canadian National Collection and the Brock Bee Lab. Episodes feature inspiring locations like Bird Kingdom, African Lion Safari, provincial parks and national parks across the country. Parks Canada is a series partner. Each episode ends with a “PollinHead Alert”—a call to action that will inspire the kids at home to become Explorer Club members through mini-missions to help pollinators.

“Young leaders like Greta Thunberg prove that children and youth are craving a way to get involved to help our environment,” says series creator Karen Hawes. “With Leo’s FishHeads, and now Leo’s Pollinators, we’re showing the important work that is happening in the field and how everyone can be involved.”

Watch TVOkids Original Leo’s Pollinators starting today (Friday, April 22, 2022) on TVOkids, TVOkids.com, YouTube and smart TV services. Viewers can also subscribe to That TVOkids Newsletter for bi-weekly features on programming and learning fun from TVOkids.

The PollinHeads are so excited they get to spend the day searching for arguably the cutest pollinator pal there is: The Southern Flying Squirrel!


Series promo: https://youtu.be/PCZuTsEprv4
Access to full episodes available upon request.

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