TVO Media Education Group welcomes 15 Toronto students in this year’s Black Student Summer Leadership Program and Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement logos

Continuing a partnership with Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement, students will get hands-on experience in how TVO educational content and programming is made.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – TVO Media Education Group is delighted to once again be participating in the Black Student Summer Leadership Program (BSSLP). This will mark the third year TVO has welcomed students from the TDSB’s Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement.

The goal of the BSSLP is to create opportunities for self-identifying Black students to enhance their leadership and build transferable skills for industries that often see fewer people represented from Black communities. This program directly supports the future planning of their educational and career endeavours.

This year, the students will join TVO in a hybrid work setting for five weeks in July and August, working alongside the Digital Learning, Digital & Innovation, and Programming & Content teams. Working side by side with TVO employees, students will explore the role of game design in creating digital learning content; go behind the lens to see what happens in a TV studio; learn about the role of data in user experience design and more. The students will also be paired up with mentors to get an in-depth look at TVO’s business operations, benefit from career insights, and receive support throughout their time at TVO.

“Programs like BSSLP are imperative to create opportunities and open doors for talented Black students as they pursue excellence and success in education and the job market” says Jeffrey L. Orridge, CEO of TVO. “TVO is proud and honoured to be a part of this program again and I’m very excited that we are hosting twice as many students as years past. As a social impact organization that believes in equitable education, we at TVO know that access to all forms of education and opportunities for life-long learning can change the lives of those around us and among us, and I look forward to supporting these students as they navigate each learning opportunity over the next five weeks.“

Last year, TVO hosted six students who were successful applicants to the program. Over their five weeks at TVO, these TDSB students completed 20 presentations, wrote blogs, created podcast intros, and developed pitches for documentaries and games.

TVO’s continued partnership with TDSB’s Centre for Excellence for Black Student Achievement is an extension of the organization’s drive to provide inclusive and inspiring learning experiences for all Ontarians that will create opportunities for the future workforce. With this year’s BSSLP, TVO looks forward to supporting these young Ontarians with their future professional goals and hopes to inspire the next generation of young professionals pursuing careers in the educational media industry.

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About the Black Student Summer Leadership Program
In the Black Student Summer Leadership Program, staff from the TDSB collaborate with public, private, and not-for-profit sector organizations to match self-identifying Black TDSB students with experiential learning opportunities. This program will support students in developing their social and professional networks, transferable skills, and in the long-term, increase the visibility of individuals identifying as Black in careers in which they may be underrepresented. Through this program, participating organizations provide one-of-a-kind learning and employment experiences to secondary school students and introduce them to a wide variety of professional pathways. Students engaged in this program are paid for their contributions.

For more information contact Kai Gordon, Graduation Coach for Black Students,

Learn more about the TDSB’s Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement here.

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