TVO Media Education Group Responds to Misleading Canadian Media Guild Statements

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) today issued a press release making misleading statements and asking questions about TVO’s $17 million long-term investments. TVO has explained to CMG that these investments are made to cover long-term liabilities, such as benefits for retired TVO employees and their families, as is standard business practice.

“CMG has made a number of erroneous and misleading statements in public discourse during these negotiations, and it is important that the public understand the facts,” said Jeffrey L. Orridge, CEO of TVO. “CMG knows full well the purpose of our long-term investments as they asked us about them and we responded with the facts some time ago.”

To help ensure that the facts about today’s erroneous claims by CMG are available to the public, TVO is providing this FAQ. This document provides clear and direct answers to common questions and misconceptions that have arisen during the strike. 

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