TVO endorses proposals to further bolster Canadian and Indigenous content

Toronto, Ontario, December 13, 2023 – TVO Media Education Group (TVO) provided consultation at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) public hearing on December 6. TVO addressed the development of a regulatory framework regarding contributions to support Canadian and Indigenous content.

At the hearing TVO outlined that although part of the TVO mandate is to bring the best of international educational programming to Ontarians, more than 80 per cent of TVO’s programming budget is devoted to Canadian programming. Another important part of that commitment is the creation of content that tells the stories and reflects the perspectives of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada. Nearly half of the content TVO has commissioned in recent years has reflected diverse communities and featured diverse characters.

“TVO remains a unique voice in Canadian broadcasting, reflecting Ontario’s broad diversity of cultures and perspectives. We strive to provide value by focusing on the learning needs of underserviced communities in a way that others cannot, or do not,’ said Jeffrey L. Orridge, TVO CEO.

During the hearing TVO endorsed three proposals that have been recommended to the CRTC throughout the proceedings:

  • The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) recommended that the Commission’s contribution framework should recognize specific priorities for funding. CMPA proposed that 20 per cent of the funding contribution be directed “off-the-top” to funds that support Indigenous and equity-seeking communities. Funds like the Indigenous Screen Office Fund, the Canadian Independent Screen Fund, and the Black Screen Office Fund that have demonstrated their ability to make a difference. The CMPA proposal would help to expand that impact.
  • The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network discussed the need for direct support for broadcasters offering key public services. In their submission, APTN proposed the creation of a Services of Exceptional Importance Fund, which would offer direct funding to broadcasters that meet critical mandates and that are public service-oriented, not market-oriented. Such a fund would be a significant step forward and could potentially fit well into the CMPA’s proposal to recognize specific priorities off-the-top.
  • The Directors’ Guild of Canada proposed that 20 per cent of the initial base contributions be reserved for feature films and long-form documentaries. To this idea TVO would offer a twist by proposing an additional category of curriculum-linked educational productions for kids. Although not typically long-form due to the nature of the audiences, educational content for kids is an important and chronically underfunded genre.

“We believe that these proposals stand out as worthy of consideration as the Commission considers a new approach for ensuring that online undertakings are contributing to Canadian content objectives,” said Jennifer Hinshelwood, TVO COO. “The modernized Broadcast Act offers us a rare opportunity to bring new resources to the system that can benefit Canadian and Indigenous storytellers and their audiences.”

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Media: Genevieve Grant,