TVO documentary recognized by prominent journalism awards

TVO showcases inspiring and illuminating documentaries that help to tell important stories about our communities, our country and the interconnected world we live in.

TVO-commissioned documentary Migrant Dreams written/ directed and produced by Min Sook Lee was recently awarded the Canadian Hillman Prize for Journalism in recognition of the difference the groundbreaking documentary has made to the lives of Canadians. Migrant Dreams was also nominated by the Canadian Association of Journalism for the Labour Reporting award.

Migrant Dreams is a compelling documentary that examines the challenges of migrant labour in Canada. It tells the story of a group of women, mostly from Indonesia, who came to work in Ontario greenhouses as part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This is a powerful film that enables the viewer to walk in the footsteps of these women and provides a voice to the voiceless as it shines the light on an otherwise untold story.

These awards are a remarkable honour for TVO and the filmmakers. Through TVO’s unique model of intelligent, in-depth journalism, films like Migrant Dreams create high-quality learning opportunities that help build a more informed and engaged citizenry. Our unique model of journalism tells these important stories and empowers people to become knowledgeable, connected and engaged in the issues and ideas impacting our province.