TVO-commissioned documentary kicks off Canada/Ontario150

As part of TVO’s celebration of Canada and Ontario’s 150th anniversary, last night at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, TVO presented the world premiere of My First 150 Days, a film which chronicles a family’s reunion through immigration to Canada.  This film truly puts the viewer in the shoes of the individuals who make up the extraordinary Banico family during their first 150 days being reunited in Canada.

This special event kicked off TVO’s celebration of Canada/Ontario150 and is part of a series of groundbreaking TVO documentaries that will be presented on-air and online throughout 2017 with themes related to the immigrant experience, Indigenous perspectives, contemporary Canadian identity, and Ontario’s contribution to Confederation and to the world.

My First 150 Days is an inspiring film and captures the emotional journey experienced by many new Canadians as they begin life in Canada. TVO works with independent filmmakers to bring these important stories to life and helps to shape the important conversations and discussions about our Canadian identity and experience.

My First 150 Days will have its broadcast premiere on TVO April 12 at 9 pm, and will be available on the following day.