TVO Collaborates with TDSB’s Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement for the Black Student Summer Leadership Program

TVO is excited to collaborate with the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for their second annual Black Student Summer Leadership Program (BSSLP).

This program provides self-identified African, Afro-Caribbean and/or Black students with experiential learning opportunities in various career fields, by welcoming students to the workplace, where they can extend their learning beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

TVO’s expanded mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of students and young professionals pursuing careers in education, journalism, business, technology and design.

From July 12–30, our goal is to introduce a class of five student leaders to unique and engaging learning opportunities at TVO through immersive workshops, assignments, cross-collaboration and networking with our talented teams.

Student leaders will also be paired up with mentors to assist with navigating the ins and outs of our business, share career tips, advice and provide support throughout their journey at TVO.

Here are a few words from TVO mentors about the BSSLP program:

“Black professionals are underrepresented in Media and IT. I know firsthand the barriers that we face to get in the door, and to flourish once we’re there. It is important that the next generation have the opportunity to speak with someone who shares their unique lived experiences. This opportunity to serve as a bridge and mentor kids that look like me is one that I don’t take for granted. Representation is key and having access to people that understand you and can help you succeed is essential.” – Asha Scipio, TVO Mentor

“When you’re young (or really at any age), your professional and personal aspirations can seem daunting – you want to achieve them, but you may not know how; you may wonder if it’s really that possible and if it’s even worth trying. Having someone to guide and encourage you – specifically, someone in whom you can see yourself and whose lived experiences are more likely to closely mirror your own – makes those dreams seem more achievable and worth fighting for. Unfortunately, right now, in our world, it’s easier for some people to find these types of ‘guides’ than it is for others. And that needs to change… If I can help someone else take better control of their own path – feel more in control of their own destiny – then I feel it is my responsibility (and my privilege) to do so. Our young people deserve that much. Our black youth deserve that much.” – Denise Arnold, TVO Mentor

About the Black Student Summer Leadership Program (BSSLP)
The TDSB’s Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement is engaging in the second year of the Black Student Summer Leadership Program (BSSLP). In this program, staff from the TDSB collaborate with public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations to match self-identifying Black TDSB students with experiential learning opportunities. This program will support students in developing their social and professional networks, transferable skills and in the long-term increase the visibility of individuals identifying as Black in careers in which they may be underrepresented. Through this program, participating organizations provide one-of-a-kind learning and employment experiences to secondary school students and introduce them to a wide variety of professional pathways. Students engaged in this program are paid for their contributions.

For more information contact Kai Gordon, Graduation Coach for Black Students,