TVO and Canada Company Launch New Educational Program for Ontario Students 

A group photo from the launch with TVO and Canada Company.

–Military Education Beyond Poppies, Flanders Fields and Trumpets– 

Toronto, Ontario, June 5, 2024 — On the eve of D-Day, TVO Media Education Group (TVO) and Canada Company unveil the Ontario Honouring Bravery Program (HBP), as part of Canada Company’s National Military History Learning Program. The HBP aims to revolutionize the teaching of Canada’s military history by introducing engaging and interactive modules for K-12 educators and students across Ontario. 

“The Ontario Honouring Bravery Program will provide a unique and immersive learning experience, showcasing Canada’s rich military history in a way that resonates with students of all ages,” said Blake Goldring, Founder & Chair of Canada Company. 

Just in time for Remembrance Day 2024, Ontario students will have the opportunity to learn about current Canadian military history through the HBP. Designed by TVO’s Ontario certified teachers and informed by members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their lived experiences, the modules consist of engaging, age-appropriate digital learning content that is connected to the Ontario curriculum.  With four modules to cover kindergarten through grade 12, the HBP offers educators with a unique way to teach about Canadian military history and Remembrance Day by bringing modern content in a digital format to the classroom. 

“TVO is proud to partner with Canada Company on this program, bringing our unique skills of learning resource development and engaging content design to modernizing how Ontario military history is presented to learners across the province,” say Jeffrey Orridge, CEO of TVO Media Education Group.  

The program aims to demystify key concepts like peacekeeping, sacrifice, bravery, and acts of service and features human stories that will bring an authenticity to the content to help deepen students’ understanding of Canadian military history in line with the Ontario curriculum.  Each module includes sample questions, activities, and discussion topics.  They begin with an introduction of the learning concepts that will be covered, followed by a focused activity to explore the content and discover key concepts, and an opportunity for learners to deepen their understanding and reflect on their learning. 

Chantal Clabrough, Teacher at Westmount High School and recipient of the Governor General’s History Awards for Excellence in Teaching, is excited about this new program, “The HBP offers a fresh perspective on Canada’s military history, providing educators with invaluable resources to engage students in meaningful learning.” 

The program will be accessible to all Ontario school boards beginning September 2024. The origin of the program, Je Me Souviens (JMS program), was introduced Quebec in 2018 where it has touched upwards to 160,000 students to-date.  


Founded in 2006, at the height of the Afghanistan conflict, Canada Company is a steadfast supporter and advocate of the men and women in uniform and acts as an enduring bridge between the military and the Canadian public, building meaningful connections for increasing awareness and knowledge of the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) value and impact. Canada Company’s mission is to support CAF members and their families through our expansive network of Canadian community and business leaders. 

Canada Company’s focus, work, and initiatives are guided by three pillars: CHAMPIONING EDUCATION: Educating civilians and business leaders about military matters and providing financial assistance. RAISING AWARENESS: Helping the Canadian public understand and appreciate the CAF’s service to our country. PRIORITIZING WELLBEING: Providing CAF members and their families with support programs that help them live productive, happy, healthy lives. 

Canada Company is well known for the ‘Children of the Fallen’ Scholarship Program recognizing the sacrifice of Canada’s military members made in service to our country, and to honour their legacy through the children they have left behind, eligible children receive $5,000 a year scholarship for their college or university education. The program was established in 2017. In 2023, Canada Company celebrated a $1 Million milestone having presented scholarships to near 100 recipients. 


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