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Take the Ontario Road Trip, a virtual tour of the province

Explore an interactive map of insightful documentaries, kid-friendly fun and engaging learning resources for real-world discoveries about Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – TVO’s commitment to inspire learning that changes lives and enriches communities has come together in an exciting new digital project: The Ontario Road Trip. Ontarians can now explore an interactive map filled with engaging documentaries, articles, videos, games and learning experiences that highlight many regions of the province.

Visitors to will discover an interactive map featuring location-specific content from TVO Today, TVO Learn and TVOkids. Whether at home or on vacation within Ontario, this initiative allows families to learn more about the province through ad-free, trustworthy content.

“Ontarians all across the province have a strong desire to learn more about their home, its history and the many unique attractions that make summer road trips so much fun,” says Jennifer Hinshelwood, COO of TVO. “This interactive map lets you zoom into different regions and explore them any way you prefer—whether that’s through a documentary, article, learning resource or children’s media.”

The Ontario Road Trip is a virtual self-guided tour that brings together the breadth of content offered by TVO Today, TVO Learn and TVOkids. Visitors to the web page can let their curiosity drive how they experience the map, which is best enjoyed in a desktop browser environment.

  • Heading to Ottawa this summer? Select pins on the map to watch TVO Original TRIPPING the Rideau, read an article about the giant spider sculpture outside the National Gallery or access a Grade 5 Learning Activity about the different levels of government.
  • Thinking of visiting Thunder Bay? Select pins on the map to watch a short doc on the city or a kid-friendly crafting video that features a visit to the Mckellar Bird Observatory. There’s also a great episode of The Water Brothers all about how invasive carp impact the Great Lakes.
  • Hanging out in cottage country? Select pins on the map to watch Bruce Peninsula documentaries, kid-friendly videos on local pollinators or a Grade 3 Learning Activity that highlights how waterfalls can help us understand tree diagrams in math.

The number of location pins on the map will continue to grow over the summer. Fans of this resource are encouraged to submit their own TVO favourites they’d like to see included in the map. Connect with TVO through social media (see below) and newsletters.

Educators will find this visual representation of learning supports helpful in classroom settings, while newcomers to Ontario will also enjoy this unique way to gain an understanding of their new home.


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