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Chelsey's Big Bruce

This big bull represents the region's history of farming livestock and stands as a tribute to the legacy of one man. Read more

Moonbeam's Flying Saucer

It’s not unidentified. It’s not flying. But it’s definitely an object – and it’s one that residents of this small Ontario town take pride in. Read more

Colborne's The Big Apple

In 1976, George Boycott and his family moved more than 15,000 kilometres – from Australia to Colborne – to chase a dream. Inspired by the Big Pineapple, a gigantic replica of the spiky fruit in Queensland, and such iconic theme parks as Walt Disney World, Boycott set out to build both a theme park and his own ginormous fruit, one that would resonate with Ontarians. That’s the story of how, nearly a decade later, in 1987, the Big Apple came to open just off Highway 401 near Colborne. Read more.

Kenora's Husky the Muskie        

Kenora's Husky the Muskie may be the second-biggest fish in Ontario – but it’s the first-biggest fish in this northwestern city. Read more.

The Sault's Giant Baseball

Do not try to pitch or hit this ball – unless you happen to be 40 times the size of a regular person. Read more

Toronto's Giant Thimble               

It’s nearly 10 feet tall, weighs five tonnes – and now stands as a monument to a once-thriving local industry. Read more

Hamilton's Gas Globe    

Most attractions don’t help turn methane into electricity. But most attractions aren’t this giant, Earth-like methane sphere. Read more.


Perth's Mammoth Cheese          

Almost 130 years ago, it wowed audiences in Chicago and across the Atlantic. Today, you, too, can be wowed – by a replica of a mammoth cheese. Read more

Beardmore's Snowman

This jolly, happy soul has won a regional roadside-attraction contest before. Now, he's taking on the whole province. Read more

Amaranth's Giant Golf Bag

Not everyone stops by this course to tee up – some just want to get a closer look at the golf bag said to be the biggest in the world. Read more

Maman, Ottawa's Giant Spider  

You don’t want this spider crawling up your waterspout. Thankfully, “Maman” is firmly planted outside the National Gallery. Read more

Campbellford's Giant Toonie

This community pays homage to a local artist – and Canadian currency – in a very big way. Read more

Sudbury's Big Nickel      

The giant coin is now a northeastern mainstay and tourist attraction – but it almost didn’t get built. Read more

Wawa's Goose

At the junction of Highway 101 and the Trans-Canada, travellers are treated to an unusual sight – a roughly eight-metre-tall waterfowl. Read more

Niagara Falls' Floral Clock

Built in the 1950s by Ontario Hydro, the Floral Clock has been managed by Crown agency Niagara Parks since the 1960s. Read more

Gravenhurst's Big Muskoka Chair            

The story of this oversized attraction starts with a tornado, features a string of bank robberies, and ends at a bar. Read more


What is the Bank of Canada?
Canada's bank official opened headquarters in Ottawa in 1934. Since then, it's been responsible for everything from keeping interest rates and inflation rates in check, to creating and issuing banknotes. This short TVO Today explainer reveals the way the bank operates as an organization independent of the government on Canada, and what each branch does to align with monetary policy. Watch on TVO Today.

What is an Ontario conservation authority?
This short TVO Today explainer explores the regulatory body for conservations in Ontario, what they are and how they work. Watch on TVO Today

What is the Greenbelt?
Since 2005, Ontario has designated a swath of waterways, wetlands, farmland, and parks as under the protection of the Greenbelt. Where is it and why is it so important? Watch on TVO Today

What is the Yellowbelt?
Did you know that Toronto is the only city that calls its residential zoning for single-family dwellings the Yellowbelt. Why is that? And how does the Yellowbelt contribute to housing affordability? Watch on TVO Today

‘Forest forever it should remain’: How Algonquin Park came to be
The creation of Algonquin Provincial Park (or, as it was originally known, Algonquin National Park of Ontario) in May 1893 was the culmination of many efforts to conserve natural resources and preserve valuable waterways. Businessmen, civil servants, and sportsmen came together to realize a vision of sustainable forest management and other environmental practices that would benefit future generations. Read the article on TVO Today

Ontario's last segregated Black school

The story of Ontario’s last segregated Black school. Post-Confederation, Ontario was one of only two provinces to legislate Black segregated schools. In 1965, thanks to Black parents and politicians, the last one in the province finally closed. Read the article at TVO Today

Ontario's 1st Black MPP

The life and legacy of Leonard Braithwaite, Ontario’s first Black MPP. Elected in 1963, the Liberal took on segregated schools and sexism – and faced prejudice at Queen’s Park. Read the article at TVO Today

Black history of Oakville

Ontarians should know more about the Black history of Oakville. By the mid-19th century, the town was home to Black families, farmers, and entrepreneurs – all part of a vital community that helped shape the area’s future. Read the article at TVO Today

How Oshawa became Motor City

How Oshawa became Canada’s Motor City General Motors has announced that it will close its plant in the city – marking the end of an era that goes back almost 150 years. Learn more at TVO Today

Why Harriet Tubman made St. Catharines her home       

For most of the decade prior to the Civil War, the American abolitionist made southern Ontario her home base – and helped other escaped slaves do the same. Learn more at TVO Today

Learn about the Ontario Science Centre's opening days 

‘Please touch everything’: Inside the opening of the Ontario Science Centre. Fifty years ago, it changed the way we see museums. TVO.org looks back on how the Ontario Science Centre came to be. Learn more at TVO Today

Trailblazing former leader of the OHRC

How Daniel G. Hill fought racism and discrimination in Ontario. Sociologist. Historian. First full-time director of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Throughout his career, Daniel G. Hill blazed trails – and helped shape the province. Read the article at TVO Today.  

1st Black female publisher in N. America

How North America’s first Black female publisher saw the ‘road to independence’/ Mary Ann Shadd’s the “Provincial Freeman” provided African-Americans with vital information about Canada and the Underground Railroad. TVO.org speaks with her descendants about her ideals, her advocacy, and her legacy. (This pin is located at the site of a statue honouring Mary Ann Shadd in BME Freedom Park.) Read the article at TVO Today.

Ontario Black History Society

Centre Black lives’: Natasha Henry on changing how people look at Canada’s history. TVO.org speaks with the president of the Ontario Black History Society about this province’s history with slavery – and the people behind the statistics. Read the interview at TVO Today

Black activists changed history  

How activists fought racist restaurateurs in southwestern Ontario. In the early 1950s, most restaurants in Dresden refused to serve Black people. So activists pushed back, taking their cause to court – and changing Ontario history. Read the article at TVO Today

Hamilton's oldest trees

Beautiful, monumental, and magnificent’: Meet Hamilton’s oldest trees TVO.org speaks with landscape architect. Lesia Mokrycke about her quest to catalogue the trees that have been around longer than the city, like a bur oak tree on the grounds of the Huntington Park Recreation Centre in Hamilton. Learn more at TVO Today

Uncovering Baptist Church burial ground              

People here have been rendered anonymous’: Uncovering the Niagara Baptist Church burial ground. Thanks to a private citizen and the Ontario Historical Trust, new efforts are underway to share the history of a Black congregation in Niagara. Learn more at TVO Today

Falcon chicks prepare for flight

Up, up, and away: Hamilton’s falcon chicks prepare for flight. Dizzying ascents. The risk of physical confrontation. Anxious parents. Banding is a complicated affair – and that’s just the beginning of the journey for these four young birds. Learn more at TVO Today

Historic graves on Polish land

Why are these graves in Niagara-on-the-Lake on sovereign Polish land? Every year since the Spanish flu outbreak in 1919, people have made a pilgrimage to the town to honour the Polish men who died at a military training camp – and the “angel of mercy” who cared for them. Learn more at TVO Today

How Kitchener celebrated the end of WWI          

How Ontarians celebrated the end of the Great War in London, Paris, and (the city formerly known as) Berlin. Street parties broke out. Effigies of the kaiser were burned. But in Kitchener, the celebrations had a darker side. Learn more at TVO Today

An 1840s quarantine of Irish immigrants

19th-century NIMBYism and the typhus epidemic in Ontario. In the 1840s, thousands of Irish emigrants contracted typhus on their journey to Canada. When they got here, they were met with quarantine – and public fear. Learn more at TVO Today

Get to know Lake Superior

Get to know a Great Lake: Superior. Discover the fascinating history of Lake Superior in this article by Jamie Bradburn. Learn more at TVO Today

Get to know Lake Ontario

Get to know Lake Ontario. Discover the fascinating history of Lake Ontario in this article by Jamie Bradburn. Learn more at TVO Today

Get to know Lake Erie    

Get to know a Great Lake: Eerie. Discover the fascinating history of Lake Eerie in this article by Jamie Bradburn. Learn more at TVO Today

Get to know Lake Huron

Get to know a Great Lake: Huron. Discover the fascinating history of Lake Huron in this article by Jamie Bradburn. Learn more at TVO Today

Battling crows in Chatham-Kent

Inside Chatham-Kent’s never-ending crow battle. Chatham-Kent has had a crow infestation for more than a century. Rather than fight them, the city is instead focusing on battening down the hatches. The crows are there to stay. Learn more at TVO Today.

The birth of Thunder Bay

Half a century ago, locals celebrated – and grumbled about – the birth of Thunder Bay. In 1970, two cities and two townships merged, creating Ontario’s sixth-largest city. But not everyone welcomed the arrival of the brand-new municipality. Learn more at TVO Today

An historic anti-slavery convention occurred here

Looking back at Toronto’s historic anti-slavery convention of 1851. For three days that September, the North American Convention of Colored Freemen gathered at St. Lawrence Hall to discuss abolitionism, the Fugitive Slave Act – and how to assist Black people fleeing into Ontario. Learn more at TVO Today

When Desmond Tutu came to Queen's Park

‘Please help us. Our country is burning’: When Desmond Tutu came to Queen’s Park. In May 1986, the cleric spoke directly to the Ontario legislature about the evils of apartheid – and called for international action. Learn more at TVO Today

Canada's first major gay-rights protest  

‘A turning point in our history’: Remembering Canada’s first major gay-rights protest. Fifty years ago, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside Parliament Hill chanting “two, four, six, eight, gay is just as good as straight” – and demanding change from the federal government. Learn more at TVO Today

Ontario Place's triumphs and mishaps

‘World’s most exciting island’: The triumphs and mishaps of Ontario Place’s opening Fifty years ago, Ontario Place greeted its first visitors, treating them to grand rhetoric, a Colonel Sanders appearance – and a few unfortunate hiccups. Learn more at TVO Today


How to help Honey Bees
This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in University of Guelph's Honey Bee Research Centre. Without honey bees there would be no apples slices, peaches, grapes and all kinds of other great snacks. Visit the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre, where researchers are looking at ways to help the bees live a long, healthy and sweet life. Watch on TVOkids.com

Mottled Duskywings in Marmora

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Marmora, Ontario. The Mottled Duskywing is an endangered butterfly. Watch as the Ontario Butterfly Recovery Team net, mark and survey these important pollinators. Watch on TVOkids.com

Party with Carpenter Bees
This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Brock University's Bee Lab. Carpenter Bees live up to their name, since they drill holes into wood for their nests. These thriving bees aren't picky with their nectar, but they're very territorial about their favourite plants. Watch on TVOkids.com

Southern Flying Squirrels

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Point Pelee Provincial Park. Spend some time tracking the population of the cutest pollinator: the Southern Flying Squirrel! It's an important forest pollinator that can also glide through the air. Watch on TVOkids.com

Spot a Sphinx Moth

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Check out this spotlight on some of the most fantastic night-time pollinators... moths! The star of this mission is the Sphinx Moth, one of the biggest moth pollinators out there. Watch on TVOkids.com

Bug-eating Purple Pitcher Plant 

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Algonquin Provincial Park. Learn about the bug-eating Purple Pitcher Plant and the Fletcherimyia fly. This amazing pollinator not only helps to pollinate the Purple Pitcher Plant, but actually trusts it with its babies! Watch on TVOkids.com

Egyptian Fruit Bat colony

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Visit the Bird Kingdom to spend the day with a bat specialist and see an Egyptian Fruit Bats colony. There's lots to do to keep these superhero pollinators fed and happy. Watch on TVOkids.com

Tadpole tale in rare toad territory
Enjoy an episode of the delightfully absurd TVOkids series, Animanimals. This one's all about tadpoles and siblinghood. We placed this pin in Rondeau Provincial Park because it's the site of a vulnerable species in Ontario: Fowler's Toad. According to the Government of Ontario, "Fowler’s Toad only exists at various locations along Lake Erie, within a half a kilometre from the shoreline. Fowler’s Toad does not exist anywhere else in Canada." Watch on TVOkids YouTube

How to harvest blueberries

Enjoy this episode of TVOkids Original Gabby's Farm, which was filmed at Butt's Berry & Flower Farm near Guelph. You'll learn all about harvesting blueberries and getting them to market. Watch on TVOkids.com

Canada's oldest railway tunnel

Enjoy this episode of TVOkids series Chuggington, which is about a group of trains sorting out peer pressure and problem solving after the discovery of a tunnel. We pinned this in Brockville, Ontario, the site of Canada's first railway tunnel. Watch on TVOkids.com

Play the Raven's Quest game

TVOkids Original Raven's Quest: The Game. Once you click the link below and the game is ready to launch, select the Canada Goose icon to visit Fort Albany, Ontario and learn more about Indigenous traditions and the wildlife of this area. Play now on TVOkids.com

Play Sandy Math Shapes

Sandy Math Shapes from TVOkids. Visiting Sandbanks Provincial Park? Build on your child's love of the beach with the TVOkids game Sandy Math Shapes. This browser-based game focuses on supporting preschoolers as they learn foundational geometry skills. Play now on TVOkids.com

Join Gabby for a tree farm adventure!

Gabby and her dad go to a Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect tree to decorate their home for the holidays. Watch on TVOkids.com

Visit a pumpkin farm with Gabby!
Gabby and her brother Thomas collect pumpkins from a pumpkin farm and explore all the different types of funny looking pumpkins that grow in the fields! Watch on TVOkids.com

Learn about jellyfish with Howie & Baboo

Howie and Baboo visit aquarist Kevin at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, who introduces them to a glass tank full of jellyfish. They learn about jellyfish body parts and why it is different from a fish. Watch on TVOkids.com

Love birds? Make a milk carton birdhouse

After visiting the McKeller Island Bird Observatory, check out this episode of TVOkids Original Curious Crafting. Families can learn how to make a birdhouse craft that looks like a bird! Host Mandisa Watts teaches Colette and Tristan how a used milk carton can be converted into a home for our real bird friends. Watch on TVOkids.com

Share an apple feast      

Enjoy this episode of the TVOkids preschooler series, Ladybird and Bee, where a group of friends discover the joy of sharing their apple feast. We placed this pin in Applewood Farm in Whitechurch-Stoufville, one of many popular spots for picking apples in late summer/early fall in Ontario. Watch on TVOkids.com.


What happens in hospitals?
Enjoy this episode of the TVOkids Original series, Dr. Cheddar, which offers kids helpful and interesting information about what it's like to stay overnight at the hospital. It covers things like why people needs to stay overnight, what do people wear and more. Watch on TVOkids.com

Five-lined skinks in Point Pelee National Park      

Happy accidents can happen, and skinks are living proof with how they pollinate! These accidental pollinators are an endangered species. Chloe and Housten are helping the team from Point Pelee National Park check-up on nesting skinks. Keeping a close eye on these pollinating pals is key to help prevent them from going extinct! Watch on TVOkids.com

Horse riding near Eden Mills

Gabby spends the day at the horse stables and takes a horse-riding lesson with the help of her instructor Linda. Watch on TVOkids.com

Underwater Great Lakes adventure

Canada Crew: "Great Lakes". Bebe builds a submarine, so she can go on an underwater great lakes adventure with Mo, where they meet the water brothers, Tyler and Alex. Mifflin. Gavin explains the difference between a lake and a river. Watch on TVOkids.com

Epic camping tales

Are there real giants at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park? (Tell us if you see one!) In this episode of 16 Hudson, Eddie gets a bit carried away with his tales of epic camping adventures. When the kids want to go camping with him, he makes promises he can't keep. Watch on TVOkids.com

Spot an endangered bumblebee

Visiting Pinery Provincial Park? Keep an eye out for at-risk bumblebees, specifically the Rusty Patched Bumblebee. In this episode of Leo's Pollinators, Dr. Sheila Colla and Chloe do a survey of the bumblebees in the area, hoping they catch a glimpse of the elusive pollinator. Watch on TVOkids.com

Hummingbird moth mayhem

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators takes place at Murphy's Point Provincial Park. Housten goes on a mission to find the Hummingbird Moth, an important pollinator! Not only does it look like a hummingbird, it also flaps its wings so fast it sounds like one! Watch on TVOkids.com

Firefly light show

This episode of TVOkids Original Leo's Pollinators shines a light on light on fireflies! Chloe and Housten work into the night at Rouge National Urban Park to get an up-close look at our firefly friends and see how they make their light. Watch on TVOkids.com

Meet Ivy from Raven's Quest
Meet Ivy in this episode of TVOkids Original Raven's Quest (S3). Ivey is an 8-year-old girl who lives in London, Ontario. She is Oneida, Plains Cree and Ojibwe. She and her brother make awesome sandcastles together at the beach - and they also make awesome music together with the rest of the family band!  Watch on TVOkids.com.

Meet Nora from Raven's Quest
Meet Nora in this episode of TVOkids Original Raven's Quest (S3). Nora is an 8-year old Ojibwe girl who lives in Curve Lake First Nation, Ontario. She introduces us to her family, her cat Lucy and her other unusual pet - a bearded dragon named Rexy! Watch on TVOkids.com

Camping in Algonquin Park
The gang is headed to Algonquin Park for a camping trip! Will Moonlock, the cat detective, figure out who is pranking their camp site... and why? Watch on TVOkids.com

Allan Gardens horticulture

Canada Crew: "Flowers". Bebe and Mo visit horticulturalist at Toronto's Allan Gardens, where Bebe delights in all the flowers, while Gavin visits Ottawa and learns about the Ottawa tulip festival. Watch on TVOkids.com

Skipper butterflies in Alton

Leo's Pollinators: "Skipper Butterflies". The Skipper Butterflies are special to the PollinHeads team because they pollinate around the wetlands, Leo's neighbourhood, so new plants can grow and provide food and homes for her fellow fish, turtles and frog friends. Join Chloe and Housten as they head into the wetlands with Laura Timms from Credit Valley Conservation to check up on the skipper butterflies in Alton Grange. They hope to see many, as it's a sign the ecosystem is in good shape! Leo is going to have lots to eat! Watch on TVOkids.com


Short doc on Huntsville
Main Street Ontario: "Huntsville". The Empire Hotel was once an elegant landmark on Huntsville's thriving main street. Joni Mitchell was rumoured to have written "Raised on Robbery" in the lobby. When kindly landlord Dave Kaey bought the building to turn it into affordable housing, a fire ended his dream. Now the town has new plans to transform the empty lot. Watch the full series at TVO Today.  

Short doc on St. Catharines
Main Street Ontario: "St. Catharines". The St. Catharines Standard was at the forefront of breaking news during the golden age of newspapers. Run by four generations of the Burgoyne family, The Standard's intrepid reporters delivered hard-hitting journalism and exposed environmental injustices. But times changed, and media consolidation hit the paper hard. Watch the full series at TVO Today

The Life-Sized City: Hamilton
Hamilton, ON is featured in this episode of The Life-Sized City. Toronto has always cast a long shadow on the city of Hamilton, Ontario, for a number of reasons: it's bigger, it's more economically successful, and people want to live there. But times are changing. Young people seeking opportunities are priced out of T.O., and Hamilton is proving to be the place that can provide them with both affordable housing as well as opportunity. Hamiltonians want us to know that great things come in mid-sized packages, too. Watch now on TVO Today

Short doc on Hamilton
Main Street Ontario: "Hamilton". Corsini's was more than just a grocery store when it set up shop in 1928 on James Street North in Hamilton. It was a place where Italian immigrants found what they needed to make a new home. The once-bustling strip was later hit hard by the recession, but is now a creative hub for newcomers of another sort who have given it a new lease on life. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Phragmites in Long Point
Striking Balance series: "Long Point". Once surrounded by desert, Ontario's Long Point, the world's longest freshwater sand spit, is today lush with forests and wetlands. An invasive plant, phragmites, is its biggest threat. Watch now on TVO Today

Impact of cottagers in Georgian Bay
Striking Balance series: "Georgian Bay". The people of Georgian Bay struggle to mitigate the impact of increasing numbers of cottagers and a new four-lane highway on the region's endangered species. Watch now on TVO Today. 

Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve

Striking Balance series: "Niagara Escarpment". In Ontario's Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, scientists, climbers and even quarry companies come up with innovative ways to co-exist with, restore and enhance the natural world. Watch now on TVO Today

Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve
Striking Balance series: "Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve". The heart of eastern North America's last, great forest corridor is threatened by development, but the people of Ontario's Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve are determined to keep it intact. Watch now on TVO Today

Carp vs. Great Lakes ecosystem

The Water Brothers series: "Carpageddon". Asian carp have invaded the Mississippi River and destroyed its lucrative fishing industry. Today, only an electric fence is keeping them from entering the Great Lakes, and a few have already been spotted. The brothers find out what an Asian carp invasion could do to the Great Lakes' $4.5-billion fishing economy and examine how other invasive species like zebra mussels have changed the Great Lakes ecosystem. Watch now on TVO Today.

Drama series inspired by Northern Ontario medical school

TVO Original series Hard Rock Medical (drama). Loosely based on the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (in Sudbury and Thunder Bay), this TVO Original series follows a diverse group of students navigating their way through a four-year adventure in the most offbeat medical training program in the world. Watch now on TVO Today

Unsettled drama series

TVO Original series Unsettled. Nipissing First Nation served as the filming location for the fictitious Northern Ontario reserve featured in this TVO Original series. Unsettled is a fish-out-of-water drama about an assimilated Indigenous family forced to move to a Northern Ontario First Nation when they unexpectedly lose their fortune. They find themselves in the midst of an identity crisis while trying to navigate the complex realities of living on a reserve in changing political times. Out of 55 roles, 50 feature Indigenous actors playing Indigenous characters, some of whom speak in Ojibwe on screen. Watch now on TVO Today

Gold rush in Timmins
TVO Original series Northern Gold. Northern Gold is a two-part series that uncovers the history of the northern Ontario city of Timmins. Founded by immigrants and prospectors in the early 20th century, the town's gold rush spawned legendary stories of bootlegging and gangsters. A lot has changed since then. With the city facing mine closures today, residents are embracing an uncertain future with strength, resilience, and fortitude. (Content warning for language.) Watch now on TVO Today

How Ajax got its name
Name That Town: Ajax. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. Ajax, Ontario owes its existence to World War II. And through its name, the town remains a living memorial to those who fought in a naval battle off the South American coast. Watch now on TVO Today

How Bracebridge got its name
Name That Town: Bracebridge. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. The story behind the naming of the scenic Muskoka town of Bracebridge, Ontario involves a book-obsessed government official and a work of literature that has faded into obscurity. Watch now on TVO Today

How Hansen Township got its name
Name That Town: Hansen. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. Hansen Township is a small wilderness area near Killarney, Ontario. It is named in honour of a Canadian who inspired people around the world with a historic global tour. But it used to be named after someone much more sinister. Watch now on TVO Today

How Petrolia got its name
Name That Town: Petrolia. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. North America's first oil boom happened not in Texas, or Alberta, or Alaska, but in southwestern Ontario. Discover the story behind Petrolia, Ont., in this animated short video. Watch now on TVO Today

Vankleek Hill documentary
TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. This self-declared Gingerbread Capital of Ontario has maintained an enviable stability throughout nearly 200 years of rapid industrial and social change. Now Vankleek Hill is at a crossroads, balancing the need to protect historic buildings and honour its past, with the need to manage development pressures and growth. Watch on TVO Today

Short doc on London
Main Street Ontario: "London". When the Galleria mall first opened the whole city was thrilled, but local stores struggled to survive in its shadow. Now, with the city working hard on its revival, there's a fresh perspective in downtown London, ON. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Big Fight in Little Chinatown
Across the globe, Chinatowns are under threat of disappearing and along with them, the rich history of communities who fought from the margins for a place to belong. Set against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic and an unprecedented rise in anti-Asian racism, Big Fight in Little Chinatown takes us into the lives of residents, businesses and community organizers whose neighbourhoods are facing active erasure, and the collective fight to save Chinatowns across North America. Watch on TVO Today’s YouTube channel.


Bonus: "Why are Chinatowns disappearing?" Watch this special On Docs video podcast discussion between hosts Colin Ellis and Nam Kiwanuka and Big Fight in Little Chinatown director Karen Cho and Rick Wong of Long Time No See TO.

Short doc on Kingston

Main Street Ontario: "Kingston". If you're looking for a specific record, you'll probably find it at Brian's Record Option in Kingston - but you'll need his help. Thousands of records are piled up in every corner of his downtown shop, but somehow he always knows where everything is. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Markdale 

Main Street Ontario: "Markdale". In 1973, David and Penny Chapman bought an old creamery and started a small business making ice cream. They built up their company bit by bit, while staying true to where it all began in Markdale, a village south of Georgian Bay. Watch now on TVO Today.

Short doc on St. Jacobs

Main Street Ontario: "St. Jacobs". In 1975, eight farmers came together to create a farmers' market just outside the little town of St. Jacobs. Little did they know, it would grow to become Canada's largest year-round market, drawing over a million visitors annually from all over the world. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Port Dover
Main Street Ontario: "Port Dover". When the summer beach season ended, Port Dover became a sleepy little town. That all changed in 1981 when a group of motorcyclists came together on Friday the 13th. What started as a small gathering of 16 friends grew over the years. Now, over 100,000 bikers gather in this lakeside community every Friday the 13th. Watch the full series at TVO Today.

Stratford documentary 

TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. The city of Stratford is best known for its Shakespeare theatre festival. When the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 season, throwing thousands of people out of work, the city's prescient policy of pursuing high tech opportunities helped keep the lights on. Watch on TVO Today

Smiths Falls documentary           

TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. For almost 50 years, Smiths Falls was proudly known as the chocolate capital of Ontario. That changed when three big employers shut down, including the iconic Hershey's plant. As longstanding manufacturing jobs disappeared, the town had to reinvent itself. In 2013, Smiths Falls took a gamble and became the headquarters of a brand-new medical marijuana company. Watch on TVO Today

Cobalt documentary      

TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. Cobalt is considered the home of the Canadian mining industry. After years of shrinking economic opportunities, resource exploitation seems poised to once again be a major employer as a new refinery struggles to get off the ground. Watch on TVO Today

How Cobalt got its name              

Name That Town: Cobalt. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names.  Cobalt was the site of a historic silver rush. So why is the northeastern Ontario town named after another metal that, until recently, wasn't considered all that valuable? Watch now on TVO Today

Short doc on Cobalt

Main Street Ontario: "Cobalt". Cobalt was once a booming town built on the silver mining industry. Just as the silver ran out, the town was ravaged by a fire in 1977, leaving it a shell of its former self. Now, Cobalt is poised for a renaissance thanks to its namesake, cobalt. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Greater Napanee documentary

TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. Downtown Napanee was a bustling regional shopping destination until Highway 401 was built, drawing traffic and business away. As the centre of the amalgamated township of Greater Napanee, the historic downtown is being transformed by a retail and residential revival. Watch on TVO Today.

North Buxton documentary
TVO Original series Crossroads: Beyond Boom & Bust. The village of North Buxton was settled in 1849 by a white Presbyterian minister and a small group of formerly enslaved people. Once a thriving Black community, its population has gradually shrunk to less than 200, but its history is more relevant than ever as a new generation leads the way. Watch on TVO Today.

Algonquin Park documentary
TVO Original The Long Weekend. Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park is one of Canada's oldest and most storied provincial parks and Labour Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year. Amidst pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, first-time campers are flocking to Algonquin Park along with seasoned veterans, to experience its rugged beauty and natural wildlife. Watch now on TVO Today.

Niagara Falls documentary

TVO Original TRIPPING the Niagara. Take a mesmerizing bird's-eye view through southern Ontario's beautiful Niagara region. TRIPPING The Niagara starts high above Lake Ontario, flying through the charming streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake, soaring above Fort George, over abundant fruit orchards and vineyards, before dipping deep into the gorge to follow the churning emerald waters of the Niagara River to the world-famous Niagara Falls.  Watch now on TVO Today

Bruce Peninsula documentary

TVO Original TRIPPING the Bruce. Set sail along the rugged northern coast of Ontario's magnificent Bruce Peninsula in TRIPPING The Bruce. Above the pristine turquoise waters are the towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, and beneath the waters are dozens of sunken ships that Lake Huron has claimed. It is a stunning, primordial landscape filled with fascinating stories of rich bounty, human survival, and natural wonders. Watch now.

The Lost Highway documentary

'The Lost Highway' documentary. Once the main road between Toronto and Ottawa, Highway 7 is a black ribbon of failed businesses and derelict properties. Howard Gibbs's 80-year-old gas station needs new tanks or the inspectors will shut him down. He's desperate to lure his daughter back from the city to help carry on the family legacy. Next door, David and Linda, a couple who moved from the city, are set to open an upscale B&B. But what would lead them to build here, along a derelict stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway? Watch now on TVO Today

Rideau Canal documentary         

TVO Original TRIPPING the Rideau. Take an epic journey in real-time along Ontario's magnificent Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and North America's oldest continuously operated canal system. Considered an engineering marvel, discover the Rideau Canal's rich history, unique culture, and breathtaking beauty in this special TVO Original documentary. Watch now on TVO Today.  

Short doc on Ottawa

Main Street Ontario: "Ottawa" . Smoked meat sandwiches weren't the only attraction at Nate's Deli. The man behind the counter of this famous deli was none other than Dave Smith, whose kindness has reverberated across the city of Ottawa. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Boreal forest documentary
TVO Original Borealis documentary. 'Borealis' travels deep into the heart of Canada’s iconic wilderness to explore how the plants and animals that live there communicate and survive the destructive forces of fire, insects, and human encroachment.  Humans are only beginning to understand the complex networks that nurture and sustain this unique ecosystem, as well as the things that destroy it. Natural threats such as insects, drought, and fire have joined with extractive industries like oil development and logging to tip the delicate balance. In a rapidly warming climate, many of the survival strategies adopted by different organisms no longer work, and massive change is underway.  An artful balance of science and spirit, Borealis calls on the voices of scientists, Indigenous people, and environmentalists to make clear the urgent need for greater understanding and alliances with the natural world. Watch now on TVO Today

Grey Roads documentary

Grey Roads documentary. Toronto filmmaker Jesse McCracken grew up in rural Markdale, Ontario with two very different images of masculinity: one embodied by his father, a brash, hardworking and hard-living member of the motorcycle crew Redneck Riders; the other, his soft-spoken, community-oriented maternal grandfather. When his parents divorce and his mother leaves, Jesse returns to investigate his feelings of nostalgia for both his family and his hometown. (Content warning for language.) Watch now on TVO Today.

Cats of Cornwall documentary
'Running Wild: Cats of Cornwall' documentary. Cats might be cute but they are decimating the environment just like other invasive species. As ecologists and activists try to control outdoor cat populations, not everyone is on board. Enter Cornwall, Ontario - a small town with a huge cat problem where advocates are fighting for humane solutions. Finding a fix won't be easy in this small city with a big cat problem. Watch now on TVO Today

SponsorLand documentary
'SponsorLand' documentary. Canadians became international heroes during the Syrian refugee crisis by opening their doors and sponsoring thousands in need, but how do good intentions stack up against reality? This documentary by Michèle Hozer takes a look at the lives of a rambunctious Syrian family of 13 and their community of well-intentioned sponsors in Picton, Ont., exploring the joys, expectations, and challenges on both sides. Watch now on TVO Today

Short doc on Picton

Main Street Ontario: "Picton". Many childhood memories were made at the Regent Theatre, which opened as an opera house in 1918. Although the theatre has undergone many changes over the years, the community has rallied to keep its doors open in downtown Picton. Watch the full series at TVO Today.

How Kingston got its name
Name That Town: Kingston. What's in a name? In this series of short, animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes-surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names.  Who is the eastern Ontario city of Kingston named after? A king, obviously. But which king? The answer revealed in this animated short video says a lot about early Ontario and the settlers who helped build it. Watch now on TVO Today

Short doc on Kincardine

Main Street Ontario: "Kincardine". Every summer Saturday night, residents of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron gather downtown for a special parade led by the town's beloved Scottish pipe band, which has filled the streets with music since 1908. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Guelph
Main Street Ontario: "Guelph". When The Bookshelf first opened in 1973, downtown Guelph was vibrant and full of well-established shops. Businesses came and went, but The Bookshelf grew to include a café, followed by a cinema and event space. Four decades later, it continues to be a vital community hub and an inspiration for local artists and authors. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Unionville

Main Street Ontario: "Unionville". Nestled between major highways, Unionville's historic Main Street is a charming, small-town oasis. In 1969, local residents banded together to save their main street from encroaching developers - and they won. Since then, the annual Unionville Festival kicks off with a big parade in June, filling Main Street with thousands of people. Watch the full series at TVO Today.

Short doc on Mimico      
Main Street Ontario: "Mimico". Many residents have fond memories of the original shops and gathering spots in downtown Mimico, most of which are gone now. But, the Mimico Centennial Library is thriving. Built in 1967, it has become a much-loved community hub that promotes literacy, and offers free language classes and programs to newcomers, children, and seniors. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Mississauga
Main Street Ontario: "Mississauga". When Charlie first came to Canada, he couldn't find groceries from back home so he decided to open his own store. More than two decades later, Charlie's is a full family operation that feels like a second home for anyone looking for a taste of the Caribbean in Mississauga. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Toronto

Main Street Ontario: "Toronto". Since the early 1980s, Toronto's Cameron House has been home to some of Canada's most famous and beloved musicians, from Blue Rodeo to local legend Handsome Ned, whose charisma and songwriting inspired a burgeoning artistic community. Today, with many live music venues shutting down, the Cameron House is still going strong, bringing together musicians, artists, and audiences on Queen Street West. Watch the full series at TVO Today

The Life-Sized City: Toronto

Kensington Market featured in this episode of The Life-Sized City. Mikael Colville-Andersen lands in Toronto to meet the urban heroes working to make Canada's largest city more livable. A prominent cultural and artistic hub and a haven for foodies, Toronto is the big city that doesn't feel impersonal. With 239 neighbourhoods and people coming from all over the world, it's a multi-faceted and profoundly diverse metropolis Watch now on TVO Today

Little India documentary

Little India: Village of Dreams. This documentary explores the vibrant and diverse Toronto neighbourhood known affectionately as Little India, or the Gerrard India Bazaar. Behind the myriad colourful restaurants, beauty shops, clothing and grocery stores are the South Asian immigrants and entrepreneurs who founded this community over 40 years ago. Now, the children of the westernized second generation are adapting the family businesses, reshaping them yet preserving the legacies of their parents for the 21st century. Watch now on TVO Today

Short doc on Manitoulin Island  
Main Street Ontario: "Manitoulin Island". After many years of taking their shows on the road across Ontario, the Debajehmujig Creation Centre converted an old grocery store into an artistic hub. Since then, it has become a vital home for Indigenous artists and storytellers to create and tell their stories in Manitowaning on #ManitoulinIsland. Watch the full series at TVO Today

Short doc on Thunder Bay

Main Street Ontario: "Thunder Bay". In 1970 Fort Williams and Port Arthur amalgamated into Thunder Bay, creating the largest city in Northwestern Ontario. Isolated from surrounding cities, an underground queer community found refuge at the Ukrainian Labour Temple, sharing meals with their chosen family. With courage and resilience, they launched the first Thunder Pride, bringing together friends and family in a celebration of love and acceptance. Watch the full series at TVO Today

How Thunder Bay got its name
Name That Town: Thunder Bay. What's in a name? In this series of short animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. When it came into being, most residents wanted to call Thunder Bay something else. But thanks to a quirk of democracy, the northwestern Ontario city ended up with a name rejected by the majority of residents. Watch now on TVO Today

How Kenora got its name
Name That Town: Kenora. What's in a name? In this series of short animated videos by Daniel Kitts and David Schmidt, discover the sometimes surprising stories behind how communities across Ontario got their names. Kenora, Ontario used to go by a very different name that was, in many people's opinion, rather unattractive. When local politicians decided to change the name, they hit upon a rather novel - and controversial - solution. Watch now on TVO Today.

Short doc on Windsor
Main Street Ontario: "Windsor". Downtown Windsor was once packed with shops and tourists, but what made it special was the famed Norwich Block on Ouellette Avenue, home to many local businesses, including the legendary Fast Eddy's Arcade before it was demolished in 1999. While Norwich Block is missed, Windsor continues to embrace its history, businesses, and thriving arts and culture scene. Watch the full series at TVO Today

The Life-Sized City: Windsor & Detroit

Windsor & Detroit are featured in this episode of The Life-Sized City. The southwestern Ontario city of Windsor has always lived in the shadow of its big American neighbour, Detroit, only 3.6 kilometres away. People cross the border every day for work or leisure. In a matter of decades, Detroit went from one of the most prosperous U.S. cities to one of the most distressed, culminating in the municipality's bankruptcy in 2013. How has this affected Windsor, a city trying to make a name of its own in Canada? Watch now on TVO Today

Inside a COVID-19 field hospital
TVO Original Dispatches from a Field Hospital. The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating long-term care homes across Ontario. During the first wave in the spring of 2020, the city of Windsor erected Canada's first MASH-style field hospital almost overnight to isolate and treat elderly patients from Heron Terrace who tested positive for the virus. One of these facilities was in the St. Clair College Athletics Centre. To fight back against confusion and despair, medical staff created a lifeline between these seniors and their families using iPads and phones. TVO Original Dispatches from a Field Hospital documents the dramatic stories of several families, including director Matt Gallagher, whose own father became a patient. Watch now on TVO Today.

What is a remote community?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin. From Iqaluit to Fort Severn, remote communities run the gamut in terms of scope, size, and function in Canada, but their isolation is something they share and that can be challenging. Learn more at TVO Today.

What is a remote nursing station?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Nursing stations are federally administered health care units in remote and First Nations communities across Ontario. Learn more at TVO Today.


Learning Activities on TVOLearn.com and games on TVOmPower.com are best experienced in desktop or tablet browsers.

Explore an Indigenous garden (Gr. 1)
There is a special garden in Cambridge, Ontario. In the Grade 1 Learning Activity, "Counting to 50", you'll learn about how Andrew Judge planted the “Recovering Earth’s Wisdom” garden. Watch the video and keep track of the types of plants that Andrew has included. What do you notice about the shape of the garden?

In the TVOkids Power Hour of Learning video embedded above, Teacher Marcia leads Grade 1 viewers through this Learning Activity and more. Learn more

Cree elders on climate change impacts (Gr. 6)

Examine some of the impacts of climate change, which are being noticed by Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario. Watch the video in this Grade 6 Learning Activity, which includes interviews with Cree Elders from Omushkego First Nation about their perspectives on how the environment in their region is changing. Learn more

Work on a construction site (Gr. 3-6)

Ready to help out on a construction site in Thunder Bay? Play the TVO mPower game Sort Right Job Site Gr. 3-6). Piyumi is looking for hard workers and heavy lifters on the construction site in Thunder Bay. There are lots of shapes to be identified and sorted. Depending on grade level, you’ll play roles such as Hardhat Helper, Brick Buster, Sorting Specialist or Masterful Masoner.

To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum. Play now.

Count some trains! (Kindergarten)

Heading out on a train trip? Play the TVO mPower game Train Track 1,2,3 (Kindergarten).

It’s time to choo-choo-choose the number of trains you’d like to play with. Help fix the train track and put the trains all back in their sheds. To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum. Play now

Take pics of a polar bear! (Gr. 3-6)        
Visiting Polar Bear Park? Check out the TVO mPower game: Polar Pictures (Gr. 3-6)

Wildlife photographer Josée is on location in Polar Bear Park. Use fractions to pack and deliver supplies for the expedition before snapping pics of the beluga and polar bear with your camera. Depending on grade level, you’ll play as the Tundra Technician, the Camera Coordinator, the Shutter Specialist or the Expedition Expert.  

To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum.  Play now.

Experiment in a plant lab (Gr. 3-6)  
Explore botany at Wabakimi Provincial Park in the TVO mPower game Plant Lab (Gr. 3-6)

Jaji Williams is a botanist, experimenting with probability in Wabakimi Provincial Park. Help her conduct her experiments in the plant lab. Depending on grade level, you’ll play roles such as Budding Botanist, Plant Propagator, Seed Strategist or Outcomes Officer.

To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum. Play now.

Climate patterns and Kingston (Gr. 7)

The Grade 7 Learning Activity, "Investigating Climate," uses Kingston, ON as an example to teach students about climate patterns. Use the interactive features of this resource to apply what you learn in the graphs. Learn more.   

Explore numbers up to 10,000 (Gr. 4)   

Kapuskasing is like many towns in Ontario that have populations just below 10,000. In the Grade 4 Learning Activity, "Numbers up to 10,000," you can help your child learn to compare and write numbers up to 10,000 in expanded form, round numbers up to the nearest ten (10), hundred (100) or thousand (1,000). Learn more

Explore the outdoors (Kindergarten)    
Temagami is home to numerous lakes and camping attractions. Perfect for Kindergarteners to learn about the outdoors. In the Kindergarten Learning Activity, "Our Natural Community," you can help your child understand the difference between natural landscapes and built structures. There's also a fun interactive feature for building a community. Learn more

Traditional territories and Manitoulin Island (Gr. 6)          

Can you name the First Nations on whose territories Manitoulin Island is located? In the Grade 6 Learning Activity, "First Nations, Métis, Inuit Communities, and Canadian Identity," you can learn about the traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples through a hands-on activity and downloadable activity sheets. Learn more.   

Indigenous perspectives on weather (Gr. 10)

The Grade 10 Learning Activity "Focusing on Canadian Weather and Climate" includes some examples of how Indigenous Peoples view the significance of seasons and weather. This includes the Oneida Nation of the Thames’ 13 Moon on the Turtle’s Back calendar, which illustrates an annual cycle celebrated through ceremony. Learn more.   

Explore "theme" in everyday life (Gr. 6)

Can you recognize themes that occur throughout everyday life? The Grade 6 Learning Activity "What is Theme?" supports language skills by exploring the concept of theme. In the 'Action' section, you'll notice a video about the Alsalamat family, who fled Syria's civil war and resettled in Sault Ste. Marie. Learn more

How to be a responsible traveller (Gr. 4)

The Grade 4 Learning Activity "Tourism" helps students build understanding about tourism and how to be a responsible traveller by reducing your impact on the natural environment. Excellent knowledge to apply on your next visit to Point Pelee National Park. Learn more.    

Learn about the Woodland School of Art (Gr. 8)

Sand Point Reserve near Lake Nipigon is the birthplace of the artist Norval Morrisseau, who founded the Woodland Art style. Explore Morrisseau's work in the Grade 8 Learning Activity "Norval Morrisseau and the Woodland School of Art." Learn more.   

What does the government do? (Gr. 5)
Do you know what each level of government is responsible for?  Explore the answer in the Grade 5 Learning Activity "Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, and Federal Governments." You'll learn how to identify government leaders and look at the many responsibilities that each level of government has, from libraries to education to the environment. Learn more.   

Round up livestock (Gr. 3-6)

Play the TVO mPower game Fencing Frenzy (Gr. 3-6) to learn about working with livestock. Farmer Sam's got animals wandering all over the farm. Use perimeter and area to help build the perfect paddocks for the livestock. Depending on grade level, you’ll play roles such as Paddock Planner, Round-Up Rancher, Fence-Building Fanatic or Homestead Hero.  

To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum.  Play now.

Who works in a theatre? (Gr. 5)

The Grade 5 Learning Activity "Who works in a theatre?" highlights the many different types of crew members who make up a theatre company, from artistic directors to costume designers to actors.  Great for anyone headed to see a play in Stratford! Learn more.   

How is land used in Ontario? (Gr. 3)       

Are you familiar with all the ways Ontario uses its physical surroundings? Conservation is one way of using land, such as the Hazelwood Lake Conservation Area. Explore land uses like industrial, commercial, recreational, agricultural and more in the Grade 3 Learning Activity "Land Use". Learn more.   

Waterfalls and tree diagrams (Gr. 3)    

Waterfalls are a great way to learn about tree diagrams in math. Explore the Grade 3 Learning Activity "Tree Diagrams" and solve the waterfall-themed question. (You can do it!)

Learn more.   

Learn about landscape painting (Gr. 9)  

The Grade 9 Learning Activity "Landscape painting in Canada" helps students analyze landscape painting as an art form, using examples such as Lawren Harris' "North Shore, Lake Superior." Learn more.    

Newton's Laws and winter tires (Gr. 11)

Visit the Consolidation section of the Grade 11 Learning Activity "Applying Newton's Laws" to consider the physics of winter tires, which might be helpful on highways like the 400 between Barrie and Toronto (one of Ontario's most challenging winter roads according to Wheels.ca). Learn more.

Learn about Corporal Pegahmagabow (Gr. 12)  

Learn about Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow in the Grade 12 Learning Activity "Strength in Diversity," part of a not-for-credit course on Canadian history and culture. Corporal Pegahmagabow was from the Perry Island First Nation and became the most-decorated Indigenous soldier who fought for Canada in the First World War. Learn more.     

Want to be a conservationist? (Gr. 1)

Conservation areas like Gillies Lake are crucial for supporting the biodiversity of Ontario. In the Grade 1 Learning Activity, "Respecting the Environment," you'll watch a TVOkids video about a young environmental advocate who wants to be a conservationist when she grows up. Learn more


Explore Ontario's landform regions (Gr.3)

Explore the Grade 3 Learning Activity "Landform Regions" to build your awareness of Ontario's landform regions, like the Hudson Bay Lowlands. You'll also learn about the Canadian Shield and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands. Great info for future explorers! Learn more.   

Learn about the Canadian Shield and other landforms (Gr. 4)       

Georgian Bay is one of the best places to witness the beauty of the Canadian Shield landscape. In the Grade 4 Learning Activity, "Landforms and Natural Resources," you can explore different physical regions in Canada and learn about the landforms and natural resources that distinguish them. Learn more

Play Capital Clean Up (Gr. 3-6)

Help keep Ottawa beautiful through the TVO mPower game Capital Clean Up (Gr. 3-6)

Help Holly Mercredi in her quest to keep the Ottawa River clean, clear and sparkling. Use your knowledge of angles to steer the boat and remove trash from the river. Depending on grade level, you’ll play roles such as Garbage Getter, Rubbish Remover, Super Steward or Trash Master.

To play, simply register for a free TVO mPower account. There are over 65 STEM games for Kindergarten to Grade 6, and they’re all ad-free with no subscription costs. All games are aligned with the Ontario curriculum.  Play now.

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