Celebrate Pride Month with TVO
Celebrate Pride Month with TVO

Strength in being proud

TVO is committed to championing diversity, equity and inclusion. During Pride Month, we are honouring the struggles and the triumphs of the 2SLGBTQI+ community, whose voices have often been marginalized and silenced.

Explore the following programming and resources from TVO Today, TVOkids and TVO Learn about what it means to be proud in today's world.

For additional information, view the TVO statement on Pride Month.

Stories of perseverance and passion

All month long, TVO Today is highlighting documentaries, articles and videos that celebrate Pride. Watch a playlist on YouTube.

United against repression

Public servants were targeted in a decades-long witch hunt.  This acclaimed documentary provides space for survivors to share stories of what they experienced.

The birth of Pride celebrations 

The 1969 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village led to the creation of Gay Pride Day. Discover what happened through archival footage and first-hand accounts. 

Voices of queer fandom

Explore the obstacles and shining successes in the long struggle for 2SLGBTQI+ representation in media, from Xena to The L Word to Pose.

Coming out in conservative families

Three people in Vancouver share their coming-out journeys while navigating relationships in their socially conservative communities.

A historical turning point

This TVO Today article recalls Canada's first major gay-rights protest in 1971, which demanded change from the federal government. 

The making of gay anti-heroes

This video segment from The Agenda features a fascinating conversation with the podcasters/co-authors behind "Bad Gays: A Homosexual History."

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Proud families everywhere

Check out fun learning opportunities for children in these TVO Learn resources and TVOkids series.

TVOkids Pride playlist

Watch a curated lineup of episodes from celebrated children's series like Arthur, It's My Party, 16 Hudson and Work It Out Wombats.

Inclusion, respect & acceptance

This Grade 6 Learning Activity helps students understand what inclusion is and why it is an important aspect of a strong community.

All families are unique

There are many types of families. This Grade 2 Learning Activity encourages students to consider what makes a family and why they're important to us.

Sexuality & gender identity

All gender identities, sexual orientations and gender expressions are worthy of respect. This Grade 8 Learning Activity helps older students build understanding about these ideas.

How can we do more?

TVO is committed to sharing stories and perspectives from the 2SLGBTQI+ community. We want to hear your thoughts on what resonates most with you and how we can do more to support insightful learning experiences for Ontarians.