Journalism powered by philanthropy: Thank you Barry and Laurie Green and Goldie Feldman

One of the things that makes us so proud to talk about TVO’s current affairs work is new content called Ontario Hubs.

Created just a year ago, Ontario Hubs is TVO’s network of on-the-ground journalists in communities across the province. At a time when mainstream journalism organizations are providing less in-depth local Ontario coverage and, in fact, community news organizations have closed in many locations, we believe Ontario Hubs fills a real need.

Ontario Hubs were established based on a generous gift to TVO from Barry and Laurie Green and Goldie Feldman, who had a vision to establish more in-depth current affairs coverage in communities across the province.

The result has been an enormous success, and over the past year, the momentum behind Ontario Hubs has continued to grow with four locations fully operational.

We have amazing partnerships with four colleges and universities, helping some of tomorrow’s journalists get their start today as interns writing stories for

Most importantly, we’ve added more relevant regional context to TVO’s journalism, enhancing and increasing the province-wide conversation. This new content has increased by double digits the number of articles read on

That’s why I am so delighted to share with you the news that Ontario Hubs is getting more philanthropic support.

Barry and Laurie Green have committed a new gift of $2 million dollars to TVO for the Ontario Hubs, while TVO has committed to raise another $500,000.

That means more current affairs journalism from every corner of the province, and more connections and context for TVO readers and viewers, including about Indigenous stories and issues.

We are incredibly grateful to Barry and Laurie for their confidence in TVO and their vision to help us create and share our current affairs journalism more deeply with Ontarians.

Stay tuned!