International Day of Education


Day Of Education

January 24, 2024


Day Of Education

January 24, 2024

Learning for lasting peace

TVO Media Education Group is celebrating International Day of Education and United Nations' 2024 theme "Learning for Lasting Peace." We stand firm in our belief that education is a human right, a universal good and a public responsibility. With the support of the Ontario Ministry of Education, we are proud to create and make accessible a broad range of transformative curriculum and programming for learners at all stages of life, critical building blocks to support Ontarians to become agents of peace in their communities.

Explore the following TVO learning resources, documentaries and videos about human rights, social justice and environmentalism.

Resources about building communities 

Every learner benefits from citizenship education. Explore the following resources about becoming responsible, active citizens who celebrate community and strive for peace. 

Respect for others

Why is it important to be kind to others? This Grade 1 Learning Activity helps children understand the impact of our actions and what it means to be respectful.

Diversity in my community

Consider the different ways we pass down our traditions. This Grade 2 Learning Activity highlights how festivals and food help communities thrive.

Inuit communities in Canada

In this Grade 6 Learning Activity, learners will discover fascinating aspects of the traditional territories of the Inuit, from the cold climate to political governance.

Drama for change

Dramatic storytelling can have a positive effect on communities. This Grade 7 Learning Activity encourages learners to tell a story about the importance of water advocacy.

 📋 Survey: Ontario parents support learning about peace

In an online survey of parents, caregivers and educators, TVO discovered strong support for connecting peace with education. 

95% agreed 

Ontario students should learn how we can create and sustain peaceful communities. 

96% agreed 

Education plays a crucial role in ensuring Canada remains a peaceful nation on
the world stage. 

Programming about peace and our world

Discover new ideas and perspectives that build understanding about the world. Enjoy these thought-provoking documentaries, current affairs videos and family-friendly series. 

 The Agenda

Educating refugee children

Watch this video from The Agenda with Steve Paikin to hear professor Sarah Dryden-Peterson discuss education challenges for refugees.


What's the state of democracy in Ontario? 

TVO Today Live's inaugural event featured an esteemed panel of five former premiers sharing insights about the health of our democracy. 

The earth is blue as an orange

The Earth is Blue as an Orange

This acclaimed documentary follows a cinema-loving living at the front lines of a war zone. Learn how they keep their home a creative safe haven. 

Galapagos X

Galapagos X

In this TVOkids Original, four kids from the future visit the present to help us prevent the worst impacts of climate change. There's no challenge they can't handle. 

The Life-Sized City

The Life-Sized City

Watch this TVO Original series to discover how smart urban planning policies are helping cities all around the world become great places to live. 

Dream It to Be It

Dream It to Be It

Kids of all abilities explore future pathways in life that will build on their dreams. Watch as they experience a taste of what their future might be. 

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