NBA x TVO: Learn to win

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and TVO Media Education Group (TVO) have teamed up to help youth everywhere develop skills for achieving their goals in the classroom and on the court. 

Learn to make smart plays in life with fun and free resources for Grades 1 through 12.

New TVO Learn resources

TVO Learn is rolling out a series of new Learning Activities that build skills and understanding related to teamwork, digital literacy, inclusion, innovation, social-emotional learning (SEL) and data analysis.


A team works together to achieve a common goal. Explore how team members support each other to succeed.

Digital literacy

Learn techniques for using the internet to research, communicate and have fun in a safe and responsible way.


Discover how our language and actions help create spaces where others feel included and ready to participate.


Creative solutions to common problems can improve sports, technology and everyday life over time.

Social-emotional learning (SEL)

Our emotions can impact our  overall mental and physical health. Check out these resources to learn more.

Data analysis

Find out how to collect and interpret data to reveal important information about ourselves and the world around us.

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Big ideas from TVOkids

TVOkids features award-winning series and games that help prepare children for school and life. Explore some of the learning experiences streaming for free across Canada.

Stories from TVOkids Original Sunny's Quest

Great for school-aged children everywhere, Sunny's Quest showcases stories of Black children across Canada — from a young boy advocating for racial equality to a gymnast hoping to make it to the Olympics to an aspiring astronaut. 

Streaming now across Canada on YouTube and, Sunny's Quest highlights how these young changemakers are paving the way for many generations in activism, athletics and creative arts. 

Start by meeting Anaële, an 11-year-old girl from Ottawa, Ontario. With family roots in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, she hopes to become a professional basketball player for the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Sunny's Quest Parent's Guide
Explore the learning potential in introducing children to these stories from cross-cultural communities.

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