Announcing #ClassicTVO Limited Edition Collection

TVO is thrilled to share that the results of the recent #ClassicTVO vote have been magically transformed (Hocus Pocus Alimagocus!) into an official TVO X Retrokid limited edition collection. The new collection features the top three designs – and there’s even an added bonus design (Saturday Night at the Movies)!  The collection will only be available until October 31, 2019.

Fans are invited to visit to choose their favourite. TVO will receive 30% of every purchase made, and we are asking supporters to consider making an additional donation to support TVO’s future.

Now everyone can share their love of TVO, Today’s SpecialPolkadot Door and Saturday Night at the Movies by choosing one of these special edition collectibles and donating back to TVO to make it theirs – or to gift one to friends and family.

Can’t wait to see everyone wearing their favourite #ClassicTVO!