TVO Learn helps elementary students and parents with at-home learning

New website provides curriculum-aligned resources for students in Grades 1 to 8

TVO today announced the launch of TVO Learn, a new online learning tool providing curriculum-connected resources for students in Grades 1 to 8, as well as searchable high school courses for older students.

The new website,, features curriculum overviews and curated resources that parents can easily use at home to supplement their children’s remote learning in four subject areas: math, language, science, and social studies. The website also offers a searchable catalogue of high school courses to support study and supplemental learning for older students.

Ultimately, TVO Learn will grow to include full ‘course packs’ for all subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 8, as well as high school. The course packs will provide teachers with course resources that are easy to integrate into their online learning plans, aligned with the Ontario curriculum. They will also be available to parents and students who are looking for help with homework, supplemental at-home learning, or resources to support learning retention through the summer months.

This announcement builds on Minister of Education Stephen Lecce’s announcement today about the launch of two new learning portals.

“As the Ministry of Education’s partner in digital learning, we’re proud to help meet Ontario’s growing demand for curriculum-connected online resources,” said Jennifer Hinshelwood, TVO’s Chief Operating Officer. “We developed TVO Learn to help families meet their remote-learning goals now and long after the pandemic is behind us.” provides a curriculum overview for each featured grade and subject, and shares curated resources, organized by curriculum strand, that will enable parents and educators to enhance learning for students. It also includes grade-appropriate vocabulary lists that enable parents to foster their child’s spelling and comprehension. TVO Learn supplements curriculum learning and strengthens the bridge between learning at-school and learning at-home.

“We’re excited about this launch and proud of this partnership”, said Minister Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Education. “The Ministry of Education is pleased to add TVO Learn to our online suite of made-in-Ontario activities, courses and more to keep students learning at home. Our government is a dedicated partner of TVO, and Ontario’s children and students are fortunate to have the benefit of TVO’s high quality learning resources.” includes TVO educator curated, curriculum-aligned content and activities. These include TVOkids Power Hour of Learning videos featuring Ontario certified teachers; educational math and STEM games from TVO mPower; and math questions for students to practice, along with direct access to TVO Mathify where students can access free 1:1 online math tutoring with Ontario certified teachers. Resources such as age-appropriate current affairs articles and videos will stimulate curiosity and understanding, while physical and mental health resources, including videos made in partnership between TVOkids and the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association, will foster wellbeing.

“Ontario parents have been doing an incredible job supporting at-home learning,” said Rashmi Swarup, TVO’s Vice President of Digital Learning. “With TVO Learn, elementary school parents now have new tools to help them make the online learning experience that much more engaging and successful for their children.”

TVO Learn is the latest addition to TVO’s extensive digital learning offering, which includes TVO MathifyTVO mPowerTVO in the Classroom, and Ontario’s largest online high school TVO ILC. Since March 2020, TVO has been part of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Learn at Home program with the TVO ILC Open House, which provides free access to all 144 Grade 9-12 courses. With today’s launch of TVO Learn, TVO is proud to be able to offer a fully comprehensive set of online curriculum-linked resources that will assist students, teachers and parents during the pandemic and beyond.